Preparing for the world championships for the Chinese athletes drive foot

发布时间 : 2021-07-08

In June 27th, as the last major domestic track and field event before the London World Championships this June 27th, the 3 day World Athletics Championships and Grand Prix finals ended in Guiyang, Guizhou. After the war, the opening of the World Athletics Championships is only more than 30 days. Hopefully, those who will be in London will also rush to their warm-up matches and training grounds to promote the sprint world championships.

Reach the standard 10 seconds 09! On the evening of the 25 man championship in the final 100 meters, Xie Zhenye ran out than the champion's position more exciting, attached to this result, Xie Zhenye succeed at 10 seconds of the 12 world championships in London if 100 meters goals participating scale, plus May 13th in the Diamond League ShangHai Railway Station 200 meters race ran out of her husband 20 seconds 40, Xie Zhenye became 100 meters, 200 meters in my two projects to achieve "double standards" of the players.

Xie Zhenye won the championship in the championship, further enriching the lineup of the world championships in the track and field of China. 21, the State Sports General Administration of athletic activities for the deputy director of the central Cai Yong at the world championships will start to introduce, now the United State standard, China planning track team sent 98 people delegation in the London World Championships, the athletes 50 people, 11 men, women to 8 a total of 19 projects for husband, jump, women's shot and race and other key projects are full participants. "The overall goal of the world championships is to get 4 - 5 medals and try to win 1 - 2 gold medals, and the key projects should all be in the top eight." Cai Yong said.

In addition to the group goals of the delegation, every living launch has its own "small abacus". "To deal with the 100 and 200 meters of my private project, I am so happy to win the final as the goal." Xie Zhenye said, "the husband 4x100 meter relay is to win a medal, after all, the 4 of us have the power."

Stop now, in the women's pole vault projects have not reached the world championships in Chinese athletes competition results scale. According to the world championships competition rules, the same year the intercontinental championship champion the project can also get the world championships to qualify, so the forthcoming July 6th Asian Athletics Championships in India city of Bhubaneswar held will be the last time Chinese standard player.


In several key projects 3 people get full qualification, I jump is undoubtedly one of the most representative project. Two years ago the Beijing World Championships, there were 5 China players including Li Jinzhe, the Athletics World Championship qualification, shall not pass a team of "setting" to make this 5-2 subtraction problem, and the Beijing World Championships in Wang Jianan, happy and Li Jin zhe won the third to fifth, with the China the players in the project group in the upper hand.

Two years after the world championships in London before the "subtraction" Jon jump more uprising to answer. On the evening of 25 held in Beijing the place looks 2017 Chinese street tour Beijing Railway Station in track and field, only 18 years old teenager Shi Yuhao jumped out of 8 metres of the 31 domestic players this year in the best results, the reigning Olympic champion will also personal best results forward 1 cm. A runner up yellow Changzhou jump 8 meters in 26 also revolutionized personal best results, and get the third star Li Jinzhe is out of the 8 meter 11, nearly two years the best level, but regret and 8 meters 15 inches standard results.

However, even now, the Chinese team still has 5 Shi Yuhao, Huang Changzhou, happy Dragon, Wang Jianan and Zhang Yaoguang, who have been qualified for track and field world championships. In the streets after the tour ended, Shi Yuhao and Li Jinzhe will continue to Guiyang horse hoof and Zhang Yaoguang and Wang Jianan join World Athletics Championship, and yellow Changzhou will be in the next month and Zhang Yaoguang together to fight for the track and Field Championships, a series of games coming, probably will decide who can represent the ultimate China team at the world championships.

Is this station street tour, 22 year old Huang Changzhou this year has two innovation personal best results, he now deal with long jump target husband "the international situation" also has a clear acquaintance. "Whoever comes to this world championships meets the strong provocation of Manjunga, the famous South African leader." "It's not as good as us," Huang Changzhou said. "The Chinese team still has a group in the long jump."


The world championships in London after the dissolution, the Thirteenth National Games track and field project will be opened in Tianjin in early September. There was a debate between the National Games and the time of the world championships in the same year. It was difficult to deal with a lot of track and field training and living. 4 years ago, the Liaoning games will race and marathon held earlier this year, the Tianjin Games marathon also has 3 month ended, but other players still need goals in a short period of time for the scene two contest.Assistant director of the State Sports General Administration, vice president Du Zhaocai has Chinese athletics performance, the National Games is a very valued local competition, so the State General Administration of sports activities for the track and field in central live launched for furnishings and other aspects will be as far as possible and harmonious.

The performance of Cai Yong, and the National Games certainly time is one of the world championships for the debate was "difficult, just 20 days time interval, in the mediation of live launch state, training and competition, to display the coach is a temper, long-distance running, race project has definitely affected equal interval, but not other effects." Cai Yong said, "and the success of the world championships in track and field will bring greater confidence to the games."

And for some of the activities, such a debate is not a subject. Su Bingtian behaved, and compared to the National Games, he paid more attention to the world championships. "There is no need to focus only on the events in the sea, and I think sprints are going to grow to the world as well." Su Bingtian showed that his goal in London was to make a little bit more progress than 9 seconds, 99 seconds, "at least the affirmation of progress." Su Bingtian said, "after all, now the extent interval of the apex master still has certain gap, Jin Saibaimi alive on the runway, I'm just a chaser.