Smart raising hands bright screen watch

发布时间 : 2021-07-09
Watches are indispensable in our lives. Even if there are no watches , we will apply some elements. For example, the time “ something is now in the air” is something we always have; the previous watch is worn on the hand. However, many people call it a watch. A typical watch is usually a precise instrument that we wear on the wrist to record time or to display time and accumulate numbers following the passage of time. Nowadays, with the development of society, once a watch is now a smart watch , and the function is not only to add time to accumulate this function.


General features of smart watches:

In addition to displaying time, smart watches     now have multiple functions such as voice reminding, GPS navigation, automatic time calibration, blood pressure monitoring, connection to a mobile phone, and ability to adapt to interactive operations of the App , including display pointers (now smart watch displays. Pointer This is not a previous pin, but an image technology to form a pointer graphics), a variety of numbers, images, etc. At present, many smart watches use touch screens, as well as advanced screens, such as ips screens, OLED screens, and so on, all of which may be possible. Some manufacturers save energy, extend battery life, and avoid Misoperations, etc., are often added to the smart watch screen on the screen to detect the absence of the operating time will automatically close the screen, if you wait until we want to view the watch time, you need to press the button or double-click the screen to wake up the screen again, this way In some special circumstances, it is not very convenient. For example, when we were running and when we picked up the watch again on our hands , we were delayed by the concentration of our running.

Raise your hand bright screen smart watch:

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology in the society, with the development of research technology for smart watches , there has been a sudden emergence of a way to raise the screen automatically. However, the disadvantage of this automatic screen-lifting technique is that it is prone to false recognition. General manufacturers deliberately reduce misrecognition for the sake of user's sports; our smart watch hardware circuits also need to be equipped with a variety of electronic devices plus program complex software algorithms, but in fact this is not energy-saving, and the cost of research and development Very high, it is only in the hands of users can achieve the effect of improvement, and many manufacturers still have to follow this program to do.


Smart watch raises the screen and the principle of bright screen:

What is the principle behind the use     of smart watches on our smart watches ? The information I got was like this. I was told a few years ago that I used a weight sensor on a smart phone that I was using. Now the range of weight sensor applications is getting higher and higher, and now I know it is used in smart watches. On, and can be extended to personalized Oh! The principle is this, let's take a look at his technology!

The smart watch raises the hand bright screen technology: The weight sensor is used as the basis, but it also incorporates the arc judgment technology ( X axis and Y axis technology), which makes the gravity sensor module of our smart watch collect the gravity brace in the X axis direction. and the Y axis direction component data, i.e., X -axis acceleration and the Y -axis acceleration, and to a set of X -axis acceleration and the Y -axis acceleration, and to make a determination target arc judgment as to the other operation corresponding to the gesture, raising his hand gesture meets rules, people raising his hand gestures rules included in the user lifts the judge wearing a smart watch hand to its visual parallel is the smart watch will display a bright screen, Y direction of the axis of whether a change in direction from negative to positive direction and Y Whether the magnitude of the absolute value of the axis acceleration value changes smoothly or not and whether the magnitude of the absolute value of the X- axis acceleration value changes smoothly; thus, whether a bright screen is at least judged by the current gesture movement to determine whether or not the lifted hand gesture rule meets is lifted Hand lighting conditions to control the smart watch 's display is bright screen, this can achieve the smart watch 's raising his hand bright screen The perfect function ; therefore ourThe smart watch has this artifact function that raises the screen brightly, so that if we need to check the time when we are running, we don't have to bother pressing the button of the smart watch .

Every function of the smart watch is a lot of investment and the hard work of the siege lions. Although we use it well, we still have to thank them for the masterpiece they brought us and make our life so fashionable!