Principle of intelligent heart bracelet

发布时间 : 2021-07-09
As time goes on, our brains continuous innovation, so the iteration, and constantly updated technology to what we normally use the intelligent hand ring, from our pointer type watches before update to the development of electronic watches, directly to today's intelligent bracelet, I think what is the function of the intelligent bracelet is becoming more and more perfect, I found a lot of heart rate monitoring function, and blood pressure monitoring function of the intelligent bracelets, bracelets that I now say the heart rate of heart rate monitor this heart rate monitor!


For the moment, our common intelligent heart rate bracelet heart rate monitor is usually divided into three kinds: one kind is photoelectric sensor, through the light transmission measurements, in principle, be a hand ring of contact with the skin sensor emits a beam of light on the skin, measurement of the reflection/transmission light. Because the person's blood to certain wavelengths of light absorption, every time the heart pump blood, the wavelength will be a large number of absorption, in return for processed analysis heartbeat to convey to the connected phone App, the heart rate data is not be displayed on the smart hand ring, can only be displayed through the mobile phone App, the disadvantage of the photoelectric sensor is a very power-hungry, and is easily influenced by ambient light interference.

Intelligent monitoring bracelet or watch currently on the market most the function of the heart rate is the transmission adopts the photoelectric sensor measuring way and make smart heart bracelets.

Is another kind of ecg signals, the bracelet, ecg signal sensors can be measured by muscle contraction of the electrical signals to analyze the user's heart rate, principle and similar principle of electrocardiogram (ecg). Ecg signal sensor conductive circuit is more complex, the disadvantage is circuit board need to do a lot of circuit board to accommodate, so use this kind of ecg signal sensor intelligent hand from some larger, there is also a weakness is very susceptible to electromagnetic interference, but also to the ecg signal sensor close to the skin it is very necessary, when monitoring the location of the relatively fixed, many intelligent bracelet manufacturer is hard to put the ecg signal sensors to do the intelligence of small and exquisite bracelet.

And there's a heart rate vibration sensor, using the heart rate of vibration sensor smart bracelet is rare on the market, I guess it's because it is new and has not been a large number of development using it (which I don't) are discussed. Because of every heartbeat people will cause the vibration of the body, and its work principle is to capture the user's heart through high precision caused by the body's tiny vibration, and back to the intelligent hand ring processing analysis again to phone App, again by phone App displays a message to the user. So we use intelligent heart bracelet can understand their heart rate to the rhythm, and coarse hair inspired us to exercise, running and so on.