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RESEE specialized sports electronics stopwatch research and development of production,also set up stop watch and timer professional instruction manual,The use of so that more people can quickly our stopwatch,effect of simple and easy to use

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1/1000 three rows display stopwatch user manual

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1. 1/1000 decimal second is the

   minimum unit.

2. Split time, total time and lap

   time can be displayed.

3. Able to measure 9 hours, 59

   minutes and 59.999 seconds.

4.Its can show the history record

   by scroll back and forth.

5. Able to show the fastest,

  slowest and average split time

    and corresponding rows.

6. Able to preset count down timer

  up to 10 hours.

7. Automatic cycling and times display.

8. Able to preset paces frequency

    from 10 to 320 times each minute,

    and display frequency times.

9. Able to display hours, minutes,

  seconds, year, month, day and week.

10.Set and display 12 hours or 24 hours.

11. Set two sets alarm clocks.

stopwatch custom


stopwatch timer

Turn on power or press S1 button will show time mode

     as the left photo.

The first line display: week, year. The second line

    display: month, day.

The third line display: 12/24 hours, minutes, seconds.

Stopwatch set Time Method:

1.Under time mode and press S2 button to enter set time

  mode.  The reset item will be flashing.

2.Press S2 button again, the reset digital will be flashing

  as follow in order,   Year, month, day, 12/24hours,

  hours, minutes, seconds.

3.Reset one item and press S3 button long time is going

  to up quickly.  (Note: when reset the seconds less than

30 will be clear up; when reset the seconds more than

  30 will be clear up and become 1 minute)

stopwatch custom


stopwatch timer-1

Press S1 button to enter the stopwatch mode,

the functions as follow.

1.Record time: from start to record total time

2.Section time: some parts of total time under

  record time.Screen Display

  The first line show the split and section time  

  The second line show the record split time

  The third line show chronograph time

Operation :

 1. Press S3 button to start or stop

 2. Press S2 button to record the time

 3. Press S3 button to stop, then press S2 button

    to clear up the time data.

     Press S4 button can check the time until to next record.

stopwatch timer custom -1


stopwatch timer-2

Screen Display

1.The first line character TRis shown on the upper left corner to remind.

    The right side will show the countdown times.  

2.The second line show the target time of countdown

3.The third line show the countdown current time.

Set Operation

1. Press S2 button to start and set countdown time in the stop watch mode.

    The digits will flashing when select the hours or minutes parameters.

2. Press S2 button again, the reset digital will flashing as follow in order,

    Year, month, day, 12/24hours, hours, minutes, seconds.

3. Reset one item and press S3 button long time is going to up quickly.

4. Once finished set, press S1 button to confirm to back the countdown mode.

5. Press S3 button to start or stop countdown current time.

stopwatch custom -3


stopwatch timer-3


1. Switch the pacer frequently will ring beep”  

1. The pacer frequence can be chosen: 10/20/30/40/6/80/120/240/320


1.The line will show the PACEwords to remind.  

2.The second line show the times

3.The third line show the pacer frequency.


1. Press S1 button to switch to pace mode.

2. Press S2 button to choose pacer frequency10/20/30/40/6/80/120/240/320.

3. Press S3 button can confirm and start the pacer under set pacer frequency.%0

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