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Although the sports stopwatch is easy to use, Press the index finger button on the sports stopwatch to return, Many digital stopwatches have third button that you can press to return to the run time

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How to use sports stopwatch

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Many runners and coaches to find that using to exercise chronographs to record to exercise time are one of the best ways . Unlike watches , the sole purpose of a sports chronograph are to record time , the structure of which allows runners to easily start and stop without breaking the pace of the run . Sports stopwatch is the most beneficial during interval training , or in running that requires multiple runs.

 Although the sports stopwatch is easy to use , it is a strange new product of the novice physical education teacher . The novices that just started to get the will definitely think about the operation method of this. Haha , this method ! Naturally , first , the operation method of the is naturally to find the description of the. Secondly, it is to contact the original manufacturer to provide you with the third . If it is not , then use the general method to operate the and practice more. Enough

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Sports chronograph operation method steps:

step 1

To get a sports chronograph, please hold the with your left hand. You can use your right hand, but most are designed to accommodate your left hand. Place your thumb on the start button and place your index finger on the circle button.

Step 2

Click the thumb button at the beginning of the run. If this is not the case, please refer to the manual carefully.

Step 3

Click the button below the index finger to get a lap time. This will freeze the time for/of  the screen while the clock continues to run. On a digital stopwatch, you can usually record any time for/of 10 and 100 laps in the same continuous time. On a sports chronograph, you may want to check the first lap time of the sports stopwatch and record it before recording another lap.

Step 4

Press the index finger button on the sports stopwatch to return to the run time. Many digital have a third button that you can press to return to the run time.

Step 5

Press the thumb button to stop the time and press the lap time to return to the total run time.

Step 6

Press the circle button again to reset the data displayed by the. On a lot of sports chronographs, you have to press and hold the three buttons for 10 seconds at the same time to reset. If you find that the doesn't know how to press to reset, this step can definitely solve the problem, or when the sports stopwatch suddenly has problems. You can also take this step to reset the time of the sports stopwatch. Especially before going to the physical education class, you should first check the flexibility of the and see if the can be used, so that it is easy to use in the physical education class!

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