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Running became the main form of national fitness. As the saying goes, "practice volts," keep on winter, summer, now it is winter, the winter is suited for running? Will make it easier to catch a cold attack? In the process and what need to pay special attention to matters?be sure to bring stopwatch to running exercise may be effective in preventing influenza.

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Sports stopwatch became the main form of national fitness

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Running became the main form of national fitness. As the saying goes, "practice volts," keep on winter, summer, now it is winter, the winter is suited for running? Will make it easier to catch a cold attack? In the process and what need to pay special attention to matters?be sure to bring  stopwatch to running exercise may be effective in preventing influenza.

Whether the winter is suitable for running

"Keep on, I think from a will quality perspective. Exercise should be a "perennial" living habits, and seasonal no inevitable relation, different season have different considerations, running is not a seasonal movement. Human metabolism is slow, in the winter wear clothes more exercise less, and low temperature, people naturally do not want to move, are more likely to store fat than any other season, so the winter sports is necessary,Exercise is to remember to bring stopwatch.

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lot of people feel the winter air temperature is too low, for outdoor running is easy to catch a cold, cause a cold sick. , "said the Tan Jie exercise itself will not cause a cold, is caused body does not adapt to the change in temperature, in turn, cause a cold, such as insufficient preparation, easily lead to catch a cold sweat wipe not in time." He ran to the friends of action,To prevent running result in cold, especially pay attention to the two time points: one when you go out from the warmth of the room, 2 it is running after the sweat. In the two time node, must make the corresponding protection, problems with carelessness.

Tan Jie emphasized, when have a cold, is not to be rushed to movement, "some people say I'm going to test under their own willpower, should according to the training plan to training, in spite of this is absolutely not advocated, is related to many games.

How to do good job of warm up

In the case of low temperature, mostly beginner runners go out after feeling the body for a long time to heat up, to speed up and easy to cause injury. So, in this kind of "running slow cold catch a cold easily, fast and easy injury" under the condition of what? Tan Jie told everybody, warm-up is necessary stopwatch timer.

For winter running, easy to cause injury Tan Jie said, "run of injuries and seasonal, cold can cause a certain degree of muscle stiffness, but not the inevitable factors caused injury." But the warm-up is in any season, any project needs to be done. "No special difference between winter and summer, it is to give priority to with slow, let the body to adapt to the workout." Tan Jie Suggestions, in order to avoid appear to feel uncomfortable just start running, try a walk indoors or in situ jogging for a few minutes.In addition, some core strength training indoors will make more secure steady running process, such as tablet can do support, sit-ups, push-ups and other warm-up. After the warm-up process, the body gradually heat up, muscles and joints and heart after all be ready to start, then go out to exercise can prevent the emergence of a lot of surprise.

How the weather is cold filling water

Winter cold weather cause people reluctant to outdoor sports, and it is also the reason for low temperature and make outdoor running filling water problem. Just run hot body, can drink so ice water? The water is too cold, just a short period of time not hydrating line not line? 

Tan Jie Suggestions about it, for the primary stage of runners, within an hour of exercise can not filling water, one thousand to drink cold water cause gastrointestinal discomfort, would do more harm than good, "and even a bit extreme, (sports) an hour and a half don't hydrate, problems are not."

If it is the training intensity bigger, hydrating is necessary, "can take some hot water, the water in the running process is also in cooling, is warm drink." Tan Jie thinks, for experienced runners, the temperature of the water problem is not too big, can contain in his mouth to swallow, and can use small plastic kettle, "will close, low temperature will not."

What is the dress rules?

Winter running sports clothing is also very exquisite, is not set down jacket on the run, and should be well corresponding preparations, can prevent colds and other issues. Tan Jie said, in the winter outdoor sports clothing should take the heat preservation and wind rain, sweat, common clad method is divided into three layers, close-fitting layer, middle layer, the outermost layer.

Tan Jie specific explained that direct close contact with the skin layer, the layer is separated as soon as possible in order to let the sweat and skin, keep skin comfortable, "there is no doubt that the inside must be breathe freely, fast drying, the body sweat out."

The most outer layer wind rain, because its role is to resist the cold wind and rain, ski-wear, common material is very hard commonly, running up to let a person feel very uncomfortable, compared with soft shell of the charge is more flexible. Finally, about the middle layer, heat preservation layer, the heat preservation layer is to have the effect of heat preservation, especially in the case of cold, wind and other extreme weather keep body gives off heat, as much as possible the actual general zero when running in the winter, wear two layers (inner and outer layer) is enough."

What is the small equipment

Not only cold winter weather, and dry, everyone at the time of running and other outdoor sports and what considerations? Tan Jie said, cold outdoor activities likely to cause skin moisture loss, therefore, also note the skin protective measures such as to bring about the stopwatch, and so on.

In general, women runners in both the summer and winter, have their own skin care plan. But always bold men running friend don't like summer running, go out to wash your face. Must be before going out on the exposed skin coated with cream, the most simple vaseline can also.

Tan Jie also mentioned that "it is not just in the process of movement, most at ordinary times the body heat from the top of the head loss." So, it is recommended that when running in the winter can wear a hat to head warm, reduce the cold air to the head injury, avoid cold, have a headache wait for a phenomenon. Not only that, when run in winter wear a pair of gloves is also a wise choice, it can prevent the early running hands frozen, can also be in the middle and later periods of the running body sweating, keep the handDepartment of temperature, prevent frostbite. Socks, can wear such as acrylic, CoolMax, or wool sweat made of breathable socks. Need to remember is that when you run never wear cotton socks, because they can't take away the moisture, can let you have the risk of frostbite feet.

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