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This is for the use of high precision stopwatch brochure,To learn more about rechargeable stopwatch function, please read.

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1/1000 three rows display Charing stopwatch user manual

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Professional multi-functional sports stopwatch user manual,1/1000 three rows display can charing stopwatch

--500 laps memories are the most.(Optional Model)

--USB Chargeable charger ,no need change the battery

--With backlight ,can be used in the dark 


Sports stopwatch mode (Optional Model)

Display instructions:

Display on the first line: RCT:sports time, PEST rest time,LOOPS:Critical times,Total: sports total time

Display on the second line:no display

Display on the third line: display sports time,rest time,critical time and total time. Press S4 to check the timing data, Press S3 to start and stop timing

Set the sports specification

1,In the sports timing mode ,press S2 for 2 seconds into sports time seting, and digits flashing.

2,Stopwatch press S2 to set the below function:sports hours,sports tens of minutes,sports unit of minutes ,.sports unit of seconds ,sports tens of seconds,rest hours,rest tens of minutes, rest unit of minutes,rest tens of seconds, rest unit of seconds,Critical times.

3, In any setting mode,Press S3 to make the digits increasing.

4,Press S1 confirm and back to timing mode

5,Press S3 to start and stop.

stopwatch manual

Sports stopwatch timing mode , stopwatch set sports hours,stopwatch set tens of minutes,stopwatch set unit of minutes,stopwatch set tens of seconds,stopwatch set unit of seconds.

Press S1 ,Press S2

Counter mode(Optional Model)

Display instruction stopwatch 

1,In the first row shows “TALLY”

2,In the second row shows “COUNT”

3,In the third row shows value

Press S4 to check the next record,It will show the current date and time when checking the record, after 2 seconds will show the first record,If still press S4 when it shows date and time , it will ignore the first record and show the second record.

 timer stopwatch

stopwatch Handling instruction

1,In the count mode, press S2/S3 add 1

2,The count is not 0, Press S4 reset

Count mode

Press S2/S3

Start count

Press S4 for 2 seconds  

Other instructions

1,Press 4 keys at the same time and reset the stopwatch

2,The stopwatch is with USB rechargeable charger,when it shows dark ,no display or lower voice, please charge the stopwatch or change the battery.  It shows red light in the charging. It shows green light when it is full of power.

3,Use general MICRO port for charging. In put=DC 5V.

4,Please change the battery CR2032 for the Non-rechargeable stopwatch

5,Press S5,the backlight goes out after 3 seconds.

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