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The author talks about the use of the electronic stopwatch and how to use it to talk about few points (for example, four-button electronic stopwatch). Learn the basic operation of the electronic stopwatch button (see stopwatch elucidation book)

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How to use stopwatch? Sport stopwatch manual

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There are two types of stopwatch, mechanical and electronic, and electronic watches can be divided into two categories, three buttons and four buttons. The vast majority of sports teachers use, and machine  have become historically in many places. kind of electronic timer of earlier generations. Domestic electronic seconds usually use the oscillation frequency of a quartz oscillator as time reference, and accept 6-digit LCD digital performance time, which is intuitive, easy to read, and effective. Strengths. The author talks about the use of the electronic stopwatch and how to use it to talk about few points Learn the basic operation of the electronic stopwatch button (see stopwatch elucidation book)


1, Stopwatch record time: In the environment of the timer performance, press the MODE button to select, you can stopwatch efficacy. Press the START/STOP button to start the active countdown, and then press it again to stop the countdown to show the counted data. Press the LAP/RESET key to actively zero.

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2. Record stopwatch multiple times: If you want to record multiple objects and start at the same time, but the difference reaches the end of the activity, you can accept multi-time effectiveness method (detailed number of records can be based on the description of the table). That is to say, starting START/STOP in the stopwatch state, the will count up the second, and when the object reaches the end, press LAP/RESET to show the countdown of the differential object and display it at the top of the screen. At this point, the stopwatch is still recording, and the internal circuit still accumulates counts for the objects on the back. After all the objects have been recorded, stop the watch normally. Press RECALL to enter the recording environment in front of the inspection. You can use stopwatch the START/STOP and LAP/RESET buttons to scroll up and down.


3,Stopwatch time date of mediation: If necessary to hold time and date correction and mediation, press the MODE button, when the hour, minute, seconds count seconds, press the RECALL button for 2 seconds, see the digital shine can choose Mediate until the exact number of seconds necessary for mediation is displayed, then press stopwatch the RECALL button again.

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