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How do you use your stopwatch? Speaking of a very amazing sports stopwatch setup, we're actually setting up stopwatch timer that actually varies depending on the model, surface of the second all shows zero red stopwatch

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RESEE sports stopwatch use steps

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How do you use your stopwatch? Speaking of a very amazing setup, we're actually setting up that actually varies depending on the model, and these steps generally don't change. You can master the basic functions of the in a few minutes, through some learning, you can play the full potential of the sport stopwatch timer. Whether you're a sprint, a long race, or a team workout, this hand held stopwatch can measure exactly how much you do.

1. If you have a regular double-row or three-row stopwatch, find the on / off switch and turn it on and off, because both rows or three rows of 1/100 stopwatch can be switched on or off. In the case of these shutdown, the long button, which is usually the top button in the middle, is the boot button, and when you press it for five seconds, it activates, and the screen displays the numbers. The stopwatch is now ready to be used.

2. Verify that the display on the surface of the second all shows zero on the state screen is all 0.

3.Then press the "Start/stop" button of the stopwatch to start the timer.

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4. Press the "stop" button again to press the stopwatch when it is necessary to stop. In some cases, these buttons are the same button as the start button, marked with Start/stop.

5. Press the "reset" button to reset all the data to zero to prepare the to rerecord other times and start from zero again.

6. When the display on the surface of the second all shows 00:00, repeat steps 3 and 4 to start recording the timing of other times.

If you want the to continue timing from the time it was stored, you can press the "Start/stop" button again instead of the "reset" button of the stopwatch.

Practice starting and stopping the device several times before the count, and then use it. It is important to train the sensitivity of the button, because when you press the "stop" button, you don't need to watch the. You can use without stopwatch.

Powerful can save the previous record time for future reference. This allows you to compare the time before you take notes with pen and paper. These stopwatches are a great help.

PS: if you need longer competitions/sports, please read the instructions for the type of you use, and also recommend that you operate it many times with the instructions to determine the more convenient you use on the way.

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