The elderly sports need to grasp three key

发布时间 : 2021-07-08

The elderly sports need to grasp three key

People into old age, the body each viscera function starts to decline.Tracking survey of Chinese elderly society shows that 75.23% of the elderly with chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc., scientific and reasonable exercise can help health, once the physiological load of exercise is beyond the body, under light damage, or trigger a cardiac arrest, myocardial infarction and other serious consequences.

A 70 - year - old uncle wang, rode a bicycle in the community fitness field, which is a relief dumped more than 100, when the knee joint was severe pain, swelling, fever, can't stand, the results will go to see a doctor.Zhang jinming, said the master key of the three sports, uncle wang's sports injury could avoid --

First of all, the old man should be prepared to warm up before exercising.Time longer than young people, in more than 15 minutes at least, a little fever, skin micro sweating all over again after progressive movement.

Second, the movement to our strengths.The elderly sports can gradually increase the workout, must not act too hastily, patients with high blood pressure should be given priority to with aerobic training, including walking, jogging, biking, swimming, gymnastics and so on.

People with diabetes, had better choose to have weight loss purposes and metabolism of blood sugar of aerobic exercise.Patients with heart disease, can only exercise 10 ~ l5 minutes early.With the recovery of cardiac function, can stick to 30 minutes or longer, it is best to someone to accompany.Such as motion process, conversation and shortness of breath, show that intensity is too large.

Third, after the movement to do some stretching to relax, slow your breathing, slow down.If feel tired after exercise, should rest adequately, interval for a period of time to exercise.

Sports injury rehabilitation time delay

Zhang jinming reminds, the old man never breath when motion, otherwise it will cause internal environment disorder, cause cerebrovascular accident, etc.

If there is a sports injury, the first thing to do to prevent secondary damage, emergency treatment should follow the principle of PRICE, namely Protection (Protection), Rest (Rest), Ice compress (Ice), the Compression (Compression will), high (Elevation).After emergency treatment if not mitigated, must timely seek medical help.