We should pay more attention to the heart rate, heart rate bracelet as auxiliary tool

发布时间 : 2021-07-12
Heart rate is the frequency of periodic mechanical heart activity, that is, the number of heart beats per minute, successively/min said. Under normal circumstances, the heart rate and pulse is consistent, so the measurement of heart rate the simplest method is to calculate the pulse. Multi-purpose sports practice measuring pulse represents the heart rate. Commonly used heart rate have a quiet heart rate, heart rate, heart rate and heart rate after exercise movement. 
 Life before the heart rate is to point to get up early in the morning on an empty stomach fowler's heart rate, root heart rate generally more secure. Function of physical health, in good condition, an extension of the athletes at the heart rate with fixed number of year of the practice and the progress of the training level and stable. If the athletes at the heart rate and acceleration may be slow, prompt the body there is excessive exhaustion or disease. Movement during exercise, exercise suit, root heart rate steady, if in no other influence factors (such as disease, intense energy effect, insomnia, etc.) under the condition of existence, for a period of athletes at the heart rate increases shake ups and downs, is probably carry momentum is too big, the body caused by the fatigue cumulative.


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Quiet heart rate refers to the heart rate without motion state on an empty stomach. Quiet heart rate changes have significant differences. The newborn's heart rate is not determined generally faster, up to 130 times/min. Normal, healthy adult heart rate of 60-80 times/min. Athlete's quiet heart rate generally lower, normal range in 45-80 times/min, the excellent athletes quiet heart rate generally for 40 to 50 times/min, a single good endurance athletes heart rate can be up to 30 times/min.

Different sports athletes quiet heart rate also have different, general endurance project quiet heart rate is lower than the other project athletes athletes, training high level athletes quiet heart rate is low. Determine the athletes quiet heart rate, should choose their own quiet heart rate comparison before and after the sports practice. If through a period of time after the normal training of athletes quiet heart rate drops, athletes body function.