Now the new smart bracelet is more colorful

发布时间 : 2021-07-12
About the last 2 years, a lot of friends around you are using smart bracelets, often using calorie monitoring and bedtime monitoring when they are used and active. But now I don't know that little companions have invented few people with smart bracelets. Why? It's the product of the product itself and the market is not well. Let's see what the features of the smart hand ring have in the first place.


Different colors of smart rings

First of all, smart bracelet is a device that is equipped with a set of equipment. Through this bracelet, you can record timely data such as cooking, eating, bedtime, etc., and connect these data with smart phone and tablet to arrive at data to guide the health function. The planned power of the smart bracelet is more attractive to the custom of wearing gold ornaments. The hand ring is small, but the effect is very strong, a middle and high hand ringIn addition, remember, the ordinary pedometer measure distance, calories and fat. At the same time and sleep monitoring high waterproof, Bluetooth 4 data transmission, fatigue prompt coherent effect. Intelligent hand rings usually accept non-toxic medical rubber, and the interior is a lithium battery that shock the motor and feel the acceleration of the action.


Just as the usual smart ring is shocked to wake up at any time you need to fix the time and send a moving song to you when you do the necessary time. Another way is bedtime monitoring. By setting time during sleep, we can put daily bedtime into color map, so that you can probably explain the sleeping environment of these days, make fair time display, and upload data to all major network platforms. The second is the monitoring activities, every day walking steps down, transport energy consumer credentials spur environment, reasonable arrangement of time to their own health.The last is the monitoring of the heart rhythm. When the smart bracelet is on hand, it can monitor the pulse and get the scientific bedtime and activity control. It can also share the heart rhythm effect on the mobile phone, and it is also a happy incident.