Swimming class RESEE smart bracelet will water

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

When we swim with a waterproof smart bracelet, the bracelet in the water can not communicate with the phone APP data, can only rely on the bracelet itself cache. When wearing smart bracelet to go swimming, I suddenly found that the bracelet swimming in the water did not identify the swimming mode, so I doubt if there is a problem bracelet, so I went to the bracelet Aftermarket

Bracelet merchants responded that "When we swim in the water, the bracelet will take the initiative to identify the user swimming and the water data cache do not need to do their own settings, and mobile phone APP convergence, your bracelet will be cached water swimming in the initiative APP on the show, which is that you can see your specific swimming data. Waterproof smart bracelet Swim in the swimming pool for more than 10 minutes so that the bracelet can take the initiative to enter the swimming mode, try not to stop in the water, under water Swimming is about to move to regulate the swimming posture is more conducive to smart bracelet will record the accuracy of the data.

Thus, this type of waterproof smart bracelet is more suitable for professional swimming personnel to wear, not suitable for people who are not very good at swimming skills.

Smart bracelet and then do not put water in the water for too long use, smart bracelet has always been intelligent electronic products, waterproof grade in the high-grade if you have been using under water will have a moment; in order to ensure the smart bracelet Durability, the use of underwater waterproof bracelet advocate not more than two hours, the usefulness should not be too deep underwater; as the depth and pressure of water is proportional to, it is very simple to ring the waterproof ring crushed, crushed Hand will follow the gap into the inside of the bracelet, this is the bracelet will appear once. Ok now I'll share it here and it's a little bit of tips to be useful to you.