Smart watch so many, how to choose?

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

If it was in the first few years to see perhaps the four words "smart watch", Toni could look back politely to a frown - style cheek. But now, it's not very interesting to hear that, the smart watch can change the dial at will, not only the traditional dial, but also the custom dial, Toni keeps dreaming. I want to change my favorite Rolex's dial, but now, there are so many Android smart watches on the market, which is the "South wave" that will vary from person to person.Look at what you like, Toni is about to introduce some good things to you, and there's always one that can meet the functions that you have in addition to memory steps, sleep monitoring, GPS positioning, and news push / reply. Bluetooth play music on these items.

If you're a busy night runner in a city building, you can talk on your own, and you can talk on your own.

If you have many big ambitions in the world, there is a lot of hard core outdoor sports preferences, Toni think that Jiaming GPS outdoor wrist watch should be the first choice, one look looks very strong, another is that Jiaming is a big name in the navigation industry. Although mainstream smart watches also have compass, GPS navigation and positioning functions, Jiaming must be more reliable.

In addition, it also has the surface positioning fragmentary of the traditional smart meter, the built-in barometer, the automatic comparison of the quasi sea pressure low, the diving scheme, the monitoring of the slope change of the riding height, the real-time identification of the stroke, the real time measurement of the golf ball interval, the real display of the fairway and the green data. Contact - type, practical time - time no ground magnetic absorption of the kind of wireless charging is convenient, sometimes can be no contact, but these watches, a bit too intelligent. Such a large touch screen to watch, but battery technology has no reactionary changes, a day of compromise can not run away.

Toni used the typical normal time of smart Watch: day, a few WeChat, listen to music, make a phone call, no electricity at all, in the morning, run step? Watch all the electricity, run a chicken step, a small number of smart watches have the function, only save the memory step, exercise monitoring and sleep monitoring, even Bluetooth is a low power technology, after a period of time to synchronize the data with your cell phone.

In addition to working on the table, the only way to inform you is the completion of the number of steps of the day, the other detailed data have to be checked in the mobile APP, and the method of charging is also very advanced. That is, change! Electricity! Pool!

Because the power consumption has been reduced so much that the watches Toni bought five months ago are still used as hard as they are today. It doesn't matter if it's out of power, it's button cell, and half a year is completely useless. Many are involved in heart rate monitoring and wireless charging, and the color screen can also push some complex instructions. Toni's referral tomorrow is almost the same. Do you think you like the mainstream or the non - mainstream?

The mainstream smart watch has a lot of utility and a lot of duty to replace the mobile phone, but one day is the price you have to pay. The anti mainstream smart watch is to take off the habit of charging every day, and the appearance is simply not different from the traditional watch, but it has also sacrificed a lot of function. Such smart watches are more suitable, as long as a few complex needs.