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This year Guangzhou farewell to the ordinary stopwatch timing, the first time with the international match synchronized high precision sports stopwatch, will reduce the error to the minimum. The reporter saw in the examination room of Guangzhou Fifth Middle School yesterday

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Race stopwatch 200 meters accurate to 1/1000 seconds

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This year Guangzhou farewell to the ordinary timing, the first time with the international match synchronized high precision sports stopwatch, will reduce the error to the minimum. The reporter saw in the examination room of Guangzhou Fifth Middle School yesterday that the result of the 200 meter race under the "electronic eye" of the high speed camera can be accurate to 1 / 1000 seconds.

All data are automatically generated and automatically entered into the sports stopwatch

On the 200-meter track of No.5 Middle School, there are two more sports stopwatches at the starting point and a tall platform at the end. A camera lens is always on the finish line. When the students rush through the lens, the staff on the tall platform can see a clear shot from the computer. Out of the sensor, when the student crosses the line, the electromagnetic wave is transmitted, and the bureau begins to time, "the referee who operates the timer told reporters." The high-speed camera in front of the finish line can be accurate to 1/1000 seconds, and take very fine pictures so that each student's performance error is reduced. To the smallest. "



With this precise timing method, candidates who take 200 meters can nod and sprint like professional sports athletes, and quick 'scalp' can also improve performance, the timekeeper in sports laughs, but few students use it. Because it takes professional training to record a sprint with

Electronic stopwatch timer uses laser ranging 

which is more accurate than the traditional tape measure, It is understood that the precise level of this set of timers has reached the level of a special international. Electric timing and measuring equipment has been introduced into the tests of running, ranging, such as long jump and throwing, instead of manual measurement. "all data is automatically generated and entered at the completion of the exam, and the examiner cannot modify it artificially."

The reporter saw at the scene that the examinee of the running category and ranging category item one finished, next to the electronic display screen to display the result immediately, if the examinee has the objection to the result, may put forward on the spot to look through the video, if there is no objection, the spot signature confirms the result.

Currently, ball games, sit-ups and other projects still use manual measurement tests, the city recruitment office said, if there are such items suitable for high-tech equipment, will also consider using.

Most candidates for sit-up standing long jump

According to the rules of the sports program of the middle school examination, the ordinary examinee adopts the method that must take the test item + the optional item, the compulsory test item is 200 meters run, the optional item is chosen by the examinee in the election examination item, but cannot repeatedly choose the running type examination item.

Reporters learned yesterday that sit-ups, standing long jump, and other power-based events are still the most popular test items. The Municipal recruitment Office believes that the physical strength project is an easy project for more people to complete, and it is easy to improve results through the use of sports stopwatch exercises. 

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Sports race

Reporters saw a lot of students drinking red bull before the exam. When the reporter asked, the students said that drinking this can be "exciting point". "everyone else drinks, it seems to be good." City recruitment Office officials said that the sports examination did not explicitly prohibit the drinking of such drinks. 

Physical examination does not promote exercise for selection

In recent years, especially after the 200m race has been designated as a compulsory test, Guangzhou has found that the vital capacity, endurance, explosive power and other indicators of students' physical examination have been improved, so it is believed that the physical examination can promote students to strengthen their physical exercise. In fact, the function of students' physical education test as the basis for selection is not strong, because the full score is always more, the low score is very small, the student score is more average, the difference is not big.

The head of the municipal recruitment office also said that in fact, the sports examination is still "with Chinese characteristics" at present, because this is not for the purpose of selection, but is intended to urge exercise. "in fact, there has always been controversy over whether or not to take part in physical education in the entrance examination of the junior high school entrance examination." Guangzhou has been on and off in recent years, "the official said." but China's national conditions are different from those of others. In developed countries, people exercise their consciousness consciously and do not have to pass examinations to make it compulsory. If one day we can also exercise the whole people consciously, There may be no need for a sports exam. "

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