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Many smart watch network standards support mobile Uni com 4G network, the speed of the network liberation, but also can bring a richer choice for the way of communication.

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Children like for watch

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Today, the teacher shared children's smart watch, through the analysis of this, but also summed up, on the market hundreds, what kind of children's are children and parents want?

Smart watches feature parameters

Good must be waterproof! Love to play is a child's nature, in daily life, children will inevitably because of sweat, Rain Water, play with water to splash the, if the is not waterproof, it is easy to face damage, failure phenomenon. The just bought has broken down, and I think parents will be unhappy, too. Therefore, the basic waterproof function is a hard indicator when parents choose for their children. The average is IPX5's life waterproof, able to withstand the most basic splash, waterproofing class up to IPX7, that is, in addition to daily play water, wearing smart watch swimming in the water is no problem.

Children watch

In fact, waterproof performance is a microcosm of quality. Making the waterproofing grade so high, of course, requires a lot of effort in the workmanship and quality. The smart watch uses the new LSR silicone waterproof ring waterproof TP back gels, as well as custom waterproof speakers. Its characteristic waterproof process ensures that air passes freely and water molecules do not pass through.

Smart watches Communication function

The video, which is the trend of the future as a nanny, the author began to pay attention to the children's in 2014 when it first came out. Of course, I have also experienced the pain of the 2G network of early childhood  and the inconveniences of the 2G network caused by only voice calls. The ultra-slow speed of the 2G network has basically made the do nothing but make phone calls. Its single voice call has reduced the affinity between parents and children. There are also a lot of hidden trouble parents simply can not control. Therefore, choosing children's on the network is sure to support 4G network will make have a more fluid experience, but also can bring a richer choice for the way of communication.

Many network standards support mobile Uni com 4G network, the speed of the network liberation, so that the as a whole practical and playable straight line. Of course, thanks to the 4G network, makes it possible to make smooth video calls. Children can send video calls directly to their parents at the contact interface, and parents can initiate video calls with their children through the smart watch APP.

Children watches

As a means of communication that supports voice pictures, video calls carry far more information than voice calls. Because of this, video calls have become a mainstream mode of communication between children and parents. Think about it. Did you want to hear the child's voice through his or to see the picture when he won the award? Do you want to hear the sound on your when your child is in danger, or do you want to see it on the smart watch screen? When you think of your child, is it good to hear the voice, or to see the child more to ease your feelings of missing?

It has to be said that video call function, children prefer to initiate direct video call, after all, it is more friendly. Although only 30 W front camera, but also enough to use,The love of beauty is common, and the child is no exception to what the grown-up likes, and the child is no exception, especially if the child's watch, which is worn all day long, is not good-looking enough, the child will certainly not be willing to wear it. Of course, the child is also easy to satisfy, basically the color on the taste, will love. Good-looking smart watches provide children with a variety of colors that they like.

smart watches

Let's take a look at the appearance and craftsmanship of the smart watch. I've seen many children's watch boxes and RESEE smart watches are arguably the most upscale, which also highlights the high quality, but it's hard to avoid a bit of childlike fun, are equipped with 240X240 high-resolution color display, which brings more excitement than previous monochrome screens, and children are more willing to use their, have multiple buckles on their wristbands that are basically suitable for the five-to-14-year-old, tall, fat and skinny people. As for material, I believe RESEE smart watch has this aspect of strength, are food-grade silica gel material.

Keys, so that the to simplify the complexity, only designed the power key and SOS entity key, so that it is easier to use, do not take time to learn and adapt,The smart watch SIM card slot design is relatively hidden, needs to remove the belt to carry on the installment, such design not only scruples to waterproof, on the other hand is afraid that the child mischievously presses the SIM card in the smart watch to lose.

Smart watch connection function

Safety, study, make friends! A child's safety problem should be the original purpose of parents to buy children's. When choosing, the product is made again beautiful, the advertisement is played in a big way. This most essential demand should not be ignored. The idea of octave positioning was put forward very early on. Positioning can be said to be very accurate, coupled with the functional characteristics of APP. Home and school reminders and other features, children's position at any time grasp.

watches smart

Of course, in addition to accurate positioning, parents can use APP to monitor, photograph, video, record back, and control the child's real-time situation at any time to prevent trouble. Arguably, the combination of these features makes smart watch the most stereoscopic security guard for a child, It is also a special knowledge competitive platform for smart watches, where children can work with their friends in answering questions, then harvest various medals, learn knowledge in competition, and mention their desire and interest in learning.

When you turn on the smart watch mode, you can unlock many more features, such as miss smart, which is arguably the best smart partner for a child. It is said to be the industry's first child  with a built-in AI smart voice engine. The speech recognition ability is very accurate, through the voice interaction, the child can complete the encyclopedia question and answer, the translation, the chat interaction and so on function, enjoys the AI to bring the happiness, In addition, smart watches can listen to stories and music in app with massive audio learning resources, rich children's songs, bedtime stories, and so on. They can quickly push resources onto the with a light hand, and children are on their way to school. You can review your lessons with smart watch before going to bed.

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