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Digital stopwatch record the difference in running? So you have to use digital sports stopwatch with multiple numbers. The most basic digital stopwatch on the market now has two memory storage channels!

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Sports digital stopwatch, Shall not be champions

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Sports coaches use the, we seem to be very simple, but in fact is not a simple thing, here talking about sports digital stopwatch, this most people will not use it?

Digital stopwatch Many rail principle

For example, in the school, there are 45 students in a class, when we have physical education class, the physical education teacher asked for a running contest; ha ha, can these 45 students run round by round? Yes, we can run together and run at the same time. How can our physical education teacher's digital record the difference in running? So you have to use with multiple numbers. The most basic digital on the market now has two memory storage channels, which means you can record the differences between two people at the same time. Each one, so understand it.

Digital stopwatch

Digital stopwatch

At present, there are often two to 500 digital on the market, these digital machine products have already met the requirements of sports coaches, that digital can count how long? As far as I know, this multitrack digital is generally 10 hours and 2 digital can actually record 24 hours, these are common, maybe your former physical education teachers are these two to 60 digital ? So how do these numbers work?

The use of digital stopwatch

There are two or so buttons on the digital . If you press the left button, you will record the number of tracks. When you press the left button, the screen of the digital will pause to see the time score used to record the record, while the other one will not. When we press the right button again, we see the time that has been running, and when the second student comes and we press the left button, this is another pause to record the results of the game, and this kind of data does not need to be recorded with a pen, but it is automatically stored. A sports coach can only know the sequence in which the student reaches the final goal, because the digital stopwatch records the results of the competition in the order in which the student's first grade reaches the last. .

Sports stopwatch

Sports stopwatch

Digital stopwatch sports race run

This digital is used in a women's 500 meter event in China. While watching the women's 500-meter final, she even took out the digital to time the athletes.

Today's event won two gold medals, and it is gratifying that the women's 500-meter traditional gold medal did not fall. Once again, we lost the women's 500m gold medal in the competition. The race with the digital went well, and we gave encouragement to the athletes.

During the game, an athlete looked closely at digital, trying not to give his opponent a chance to speed up the race and to keep his opponent out of the final. However, the coach's digital has begun and a competitor has lost his qualification for the final.

Look at the digital and know that most of the time is over, a leading athlete. At the end of the bend, Shen Shixi had physical contact with Fan Kexin when he tried to surmount. Both men failed to score due to fouls, but the digital was still recording their results.

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