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sport stopwatch runners believe that the amount of training can be proportional to the results of the stopwatch, this idea is wrong, so if the weekly unit, how to set the stopwatch in the best fit for their own run.

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Introduction to senior running

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In the lap, many runners believe that the amount of training can be proportional to the results, this idea is wrong, so if the weekly unit, how to set the in the best fit for their own run?

Ricky, veteran running coach and chief operating officer of a New York running club, analyzed how everyone should set up their own run from a professional point of view.

He gave a simple example: stopwatch record for more than 500 runners showed that jogging 8 to 10 kilometers a week was effective in preventing obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, arthritis and some cancers. But such runs have done little to help the runners of the full or half marathon.

This is the most basic principle, even if the average level of marathon runners, they are using sports stopwatch for strict training, are more than 5000 meters of training of professional athletes, but no matter what the distance of the race, Pro race preparation should consist of three parts: a long run, a speed run, and a recovery run. The theory that Velasquez summed up is that the pace of a long race should be slowed down and completed at the expected finish time; the time for the speed run can be shorter. But running is faster than the of the race; both speed and time requirements can be lowered for a recovery run.
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Based on everyone's different physical function, to get good results in the race, can only increase the number of runs, there are no shortcuts, "if your goal is to improve the performance of your stopwatch, then improving aerobic capacity, stability and running efficiency will be an important reference when you set your run."

There is no doubt that if you run enough, the mus cu lo skeletal system will be strengthened. But in fact, oxygen can boost blood circulation and fuel muscles during running, Therefore, runners must bear in mind that the purpose of increasing the running capacity is to strengthen the aerobic energy supply system and increase the maximum oxygen intake, otherwise, the increase in running capacity is ineffective.
Speed training is designed to improve running, but also to stimulate muscular means to improve the speed of the nerve-muscle control ability, Intermittent training with speed requirements and a strictly controlled interval between exercises. It takes a long time to run at a constant speed. And long-distance training is to allow the body to adapt to stress, improve physical fitness.
Such a complex training, help to improve the overall ability of runners. With a variety of records in training, the game is better adapted to different speeds, That's why you set the on the basis of the amount of running, and when you add a short period of intensive training, because when your body is able to adapt to a fixed amount of training, the ability to use oxygen reaches a balance point. As long as short-term high-intensity training can greatly increase lift absorption and improve aerobic metabolic capacity.

In order to prevent injury, you can slowly increase the amount of running, so that the body is easier to adapt, Many runners follow the "10% principle," that is, no more than 10 per week increase from the previous week.
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"in most cases, the runner incrementally increases the amount of running on a weekly basis for three weeks before starting a week's recovery." stressed, "the premise of the increase is that the body has gradually adapted to the current intensity and has rested to be fully prepared for the challenge."

When measured in weekly units, runners can better observe and use control their runs. Running can damage muscles to some extent, and the damaged parts take time to grow again, which is why you're getting stronger. Therefore, do not overtrain, give muscle buffer time, reasonable allocation of running, Few of the top runners or running rookies get the perfect results in every training session. If it is to achieve a so-called run and continue to train, it may be counterproductive.

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