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I think it's more important to take a break between groups than to comment on a couple of groups, and the odd thing is that there are very few people at gym who use stopwatch to manipulate exercise.

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Scientific fitness with stopwatch

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I wonder if we've ever met anyone with stopwatch at the gym or a cell phone to control the rest time to practice, and are you surprised? No, that's actually better!

I think it's more important to take a break between groups than to comment on a couple of groups, and the odd thing is that there are very few people at gym who use to manipulate exercise. The feeling of practicing is not appropriate for most practitioners who do not reach a very high level. Although group rest depends on practice policy and action, and can be adjusted according to individual circumstances, there is no group rest or to propose a group rest exercise program I think is a hooligan. 

This paper briefly introduces the following general organization: large component multiple joint action 1: 1 1 / 2 minutes or more, medium-weight multi-joint action and large-component single-joint action 1-1-1. 5 minutes; The medium-to-low-weight approach is more likely to be about 30 seconds to 1 minutes of muscle endurance, and it's hard to keep track of time if you don't bring to exercise.

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If your policy is that each group must complete a particular number of times or is completely energetic, then the rest can always be added to the level you feel the need for, usually setting stopwatches for 3-5 minutes. My personal words, no matter what the direction of the stage is, the first multi-joint movement, the rest between groups is usually about three minutes, and if your practice policy is more muscle fat or congestive, Multi-joint movements can also properly lower the rest time to allow practice to enter the state earlier.

So it's not for sure, but one thing is that no matter how long you take a break, try to use the same or similar intergroup breaks for as long as you can for the rest of the week. Since it is impossible to make significant progress in each exercise after the beginner period, it is possible to do just the same amount once more.

If you're not going to control the rest of the group just by feeling, you don't know that even if you go ahead, you don't know that it's due to the rest of the rest of the rest, and you can't do the right exercise to make a weight adjustment, and this is the key to keep you going. 1 minutes of rest in the 100kg five groups and ten times. It is obviously not the same concept that the same scheme is the same for 3 minutes of rest and completion. If so, if the is uncontrolled, does it really affect the quality of your practice and the final results?

So what I'm saying to us is, after each group is over, you can time the rest of the group, and you can fine-tune it according to your practice situation without needing to be accurate to the second, but it's still a better idea to have a rough picture of the situation. Holding a cell phone or in other exercises can also make you look better and more professional. Why not?

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