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smart bracelet bluetooth bracelet, duration, with speed, calories, pace, pace, steps, buffer force, the average touchdown time, the proportion of ground, gait ratio and other dimensions of motion data, After wearing smart plush bracelet.

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Smart bracelet let the game more intelligent

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     December 24, 2017 Hainan Danzhou International Marathon in Zhuozhou City Cultural Square fired. The nation's largest sports social platform, intelligent sports equipment supplier Gudong as a sponsor, to the event provides the latest intelligent bracelet 1.0, through intelligent interactive technology, real-time voice guidance of large-scale race applications, making Hainan only The silver medal event has become more intelligent, sporting big data presents more colorful.

     2017 Hainan Zhuozhou International Marathon consists of three events: full marathon, half marathon and 5km mini marathon. The total number of participants is over 15,000. The theme of "Passion Race; Tour Pizhou" closely combines with the local natural ecology, historical and cultural features, and brings the most Hainan-style event style to runners and spectators.

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     In the entire marathon entries set to run group PK race, the first set of mini commemorative medal, 2017 Hainan Zhuozhou International Marathon with such an interesting game to encourage universal participation, the event is more connected with the atmosphere. Professional maintenance, the track set up a total of 16 supply stations, and Zhuangzhou dumplings and other local specialty as a supply after the game; recruited a total of 1,350 volunteer service events; event medical security, there are 50 games along the race aed, race Road, one medical volunteer every 100 meters; another 16 ambulances, 30 emergency runners, local medical and third-party rescue teams to work together to build a safeguards system to ensure runners' safety in all directions and at multiple levels.

      In addition to safety data, the sports data of the intelligent bracelet also provided "real-time virtual sports private teaching" for the 2017 Hainan Marathon international marathon scene. The real pronunciation guide of the game was integrated with intelligent sports equipment and sports scenes. Users You can focus more on the sport and the game itself, reducing the risk of unintended injuries and improving the safety of participation.

      Mud smart bracelet 1.0 embedded smart chip can record distance, duration, with speed, calories, pace, pace, steps, buffer force, the average touchdown time, the proportion of ground, gait ratio and other dimensions of motion data, After wearing smart bracelet, users can not carry mobile phones and smart watches, separate run and competition. After running, in the network environment, the recorded sports data will be automatically synchronized to the Gup APP.

    Real-time smart voice guidance needs to be achieved by carrying a mobile phone. Running process, the smart chip will capture in real time, monitoring foot landing footsteps, walking posture changes. After connecting with the phone, simultaneous voice prompts to correct the improper pace of runners, frequent fluctuations in pace, floor instability and other problems, supervision and encourage the runner to adjust the first place. For the runner to participate in the marathon event has brought Philippine often practical significance. Regardless of training or competition, intelligent mobile devices are fully applied platform big data, combined with artificial intelligence technology to help runners to enhance themselves.

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