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The race stopped stopwatch 10 meters, Penn preempted, but Davis began to quickly reduce the gap. In response, Payne summoned her outside to store fluctuations and approach the starting point, winning the group's best result with stopwatch record of 7.13 seconds .

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Running Champions use stopwatches

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Six weeks ago, the University of Pennsylvania won the NCHSAA 3-A State Indoor Athletics Championships at the JDL Fast Track with a 55-meter long distance run. In the finals, She held stopwatch in her hand and rushed to a preemptive disadvantage she had never held. Penn also won a state championship in the Broncos' 4x200 relay race and finished fourth in the fourth place in the 300-meter race. "I know I'm going to work well, but I'm not sure I can win the game," Penn said. "Sometimes, I suspect that I am a lot of people. I know I shouldn't. People around me are more determined than I am." Entering the 55m finals, junior Penn was thought to be a success. Jordan sales (Greenville Ross) and Ellison Davis (Northern Guilford) have achieved the fastest time in this season's 3-A category and should grab the dominant position.

The race stopped 10 meters, Penn preempted, but Davis began to quickly reduce the gap. In response, Payne summoned her outside to store fluctuations and approach the starting point, winning the group's best result with record of 7.13 seconds Davis scored second place with 7.16 seconds.

Greenville Ross scored third place with 7.21. "Before the competition, I was very nervous," Payne said. “When I was on the street, my attitude changed. I kept informing myself that I could beat them. I kept informing myself that I had to get there first. Once I got out of the way, I felt I could go through and I did Arrived.

 "In the pre-race, I could feel that she (Davis) was standing strong, so I took a deep breath and kept pressing the button of the. At this time he was not sure who won until I saw the big TV screen. Consequences, success is unbelievable. "With the advent of the outdoor season, everyone's attention has focused on Pennsylvania. After her indoor success, Parkland's coach Antwan Hughes will prompt Penn that she won't surprise anyone. Payne will face some valuable players in the 100-meter long run in the spring of last year. "Delnik is worth it (state champion) because she completed this task and performed it the way she should," Hughes said. "But now, her purpose is behind her. There is no doubt that every group will follow her." Payne fully understands how the concept changes when you reach the first. The supporters always look forward to competition and are ready to prove that they are good, if not better. "

It is important to maintain humility," said Payne, who also runs a 200-meter dash with the 4x100 and 4x200 relays. "I was the best for me. I know I need to redouble my efforts. Every race is my time to prove that I am the national championship. I am waiting for this challenge."

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Penn's star trek did not begin with her performance in February. The seeds were planted during off-season last fall. Long-distance running starts with sprint, and because it helps to improve endurance and strength, when combined with proper weight lifting and resistance training , long-distance running athletes usually continue to reduce their previous best efforts.

Penn is the team captain of Parkland's cross country team and she attributes much of her improvement to short-range training. “I tell you, I hate off-roading,” said Payne, who expects to attract a small amount of the first partial university scholarship from now until next year. "But I did it, because I know it will make me better. In the multi-year season after the season test, my time (55 and 300) is much better than I thought."

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