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multifunction stopwatch the brain inevitably lacks a nutrient supply and use electronics stopwatch waste can not be excreted in time. sports stopwatch working condition of the brain is deteriorated, the understanding and memory are reduced.

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The use of stopwatch sports on the role of mental development

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Some people think that sports are just bouncing physical activities, the result is "developed limbs, simple-minded." Those who hold this view are out of ignorance and prejudice against sports. In fact, sports are not only developed limbs, its role in the development of the mind is immeasurable, especially the use of the chronograph movement.

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1. Strict use of stopwatch exercise can get enough brain nutrition

The main units that make up the brain are the brain cells, which contain 14 billion brain cells that function to stimulate and transmit information. Brain cells appear to be parts of computers. Computer work requires power. Human brain work must also Adequate nutrition and oxygen supply, and adequate oxygen and nutrient supply in turn has a direct relationship with human health. Human brain weight is only about one-fortieth of the weight, but the blood supply to the brain accounts for a quarter of cardiac output, oxygen consumption accounts for one-fifth of the body. If the human body is in a state of studying for meditation for a prolonged period of time, due to gravity, brain inevitably lacks a nutrient supply and use waste can not be excreted in time. working condition of the brain is deteriorated, the understanding and memory are reduced. A foreign experiment shows that: children in the morning after the second class for 30 minutes of activity games, third, four classes of intelligence activities can improve two to three times. A great part of the human brain has never been exploited and developed, especially the right brain, so physical exercise is an effective way to develop the right brain.

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2. Use the stopwatch exercise help regulate the brain's learning state

Scientific experiments confirm that when use person carries out a specific intellectual activity (such as meditation), his visual center, or auditory center, or language center is relatively inhibited. The higher the excitement of a center, the more concentrated, the other centers may be suppressed deeper, such as when we watch a very interesting cartoon, the parents call you to eat or let you do other things, you will not hear. use concentration of time is too long brain will inevitably fatigue, work efficiency will decline. When exercising, the center responsible for exercise starts to get excited, and other central nerves (reading and thinking, etc.) are well rested. Often participate in physical activity, can promote the excitability of the cerebral cortex to enhance, inhibit deepening, more concentrated excitement and inhibition, anti-stress ability to enhance, even for a long time to learn and work, but also to ensure clear-headed, quick thinking. Therefore, sports promote the development of intelligence and improve the effectiveness of mental work.

3. Use the stopwatch timer Exercise and cultural learning complement each other

In some people's minds, mentions of literati, such as writers, scientists, etc., are pale, weak, and weak. In turn, most sportspeople are physically fit, simple-minded and lacking in knowledge.use the timer Exercisecan not have profound talents and achievements in culture, science and technology. This put the physical development and intellectual development against each other, this is the source of heavy text light body. Some children are overwhelmed by their family and are more tolerant than healthy children, use stopwatch with relatively poor anti-interference ability and fatigue, use leading to distraction during the learning process. These students may also be hard at work to concentrate their attention Force, but always fail to effect, so the negative emotionally pessimistic. The consequences can be imagined. Physical exercise is a good medicine to change this situation.

4. Use the stopwatch timer role in promoting the mental health of rigorous exercise

To promote and improve the mental health of middle school students, in recent years has attracted the attention of experts and educators.
① adjust the mood, cultivate sentiment. After engaged in heavy learning, participate in relaxed and lively sports activities, such as the practice of rhythmic gymnastics and dance, in the beautiful music melody activities, cheerful emotions arised spontaneously. When students are frustrated and depressed, physical activity through the use to record exercise time can excrete and distress negative emotions.
② enhance friendship and improve interpersonal relationships. By participating in sports using the stopwatch, especially some collective activities, interpersonal relationships among people, teams and teams are frequent, people can get close to each other, and individuals forget their work and life brings Trouble, eliminate mental stress and loneliness. And in sports, to find like-minded partners, bring psychological pleasure to the individual.
③ improve self-confidence, improve themselves. In physical exercise and competition, especially to participate in individual good sports, in their own way to complete a variety of complex movements in the process, with the tacit understanding with peers, in fighting wits with opponents in the struggle to win the joy of victory In, get self-satisfaction, improve self-confidence. And continue to be self-improvement in training and competition. The vast majority of individuals participate in sports content is based on self-interest, ability to choose, they are generally well qualified for the content of the exercise, which is conducive to enhancing individual self-confidence and self-esteem, and can be sought in sports Comfort and contentment.
Youth is valuable, youth is the spring of life. Adolescence is a transitional period for adults. When you embark on secondary school, you think that this beautiful and vivid, rich and colorful teenager has arrived. During this period, youth is full of infinite vitality and hope. It is a long-term knowledge of people's life, a long body and a gradual mentality In mature golden age. Focus on physical exercise, so that you become a comprehensive and harmonious development of quality youth.

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