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In the recently completed Tokyo Marathon, the best-performing Japanese player Takamiya Yoshihisa's stopwatch score was 2 hours 10 minutes and 57 seconds , followed by stopwatch record. Has improved .

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Stopwatch records, Japan's game finished runner-up

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After the 71st Wuhu Marathon in Japan, the 31-year-old Japanese professional player Kitashima Shou died unexpectedly out of the stopwatch record for 2 hours, 09 minutes and 16 seconds and finished runner-up. He ran to 37 kilometers and suddenly showed a serious abdominal pain. The camera recorded his extremely painful expression in advance. North Island Shoudian not only did not maintain the competition, but slowed down faster and faster and eventually won the runner-up. The result of the North Island Shoudian ranked second in the three-station Rio Olympics trial announced by Japan’s IAAF. On March 17th, Japan’s IAAF will announce the Rio Olympic Marathon’s entry list. Elected.

North Island life is typical professional athlete identity registration, Japanese media reported that he officially entered the ranks of professional horse racing as long as little more than a year of work, the North Island life typical of runner-up results, than his previous best group of record fast More than three minutes later, after the game, Kitajima Kitajima said that when the abdominal pain appeared, I had thought of accelerating the pace, but when I thought that only four or five kilometers was left at the start of the interval, I would like to spell it again, so I would slow down. The footsteps rushed forward; he confessed that the unpredictable state of abdominal pain stimulated a more intense desire to reach the starting point as soon as possible. He continued to pass more than a few competitors in the first few kilometers, and eventually won the second runner-up.

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Japan's Tianlian officials praised him after the end of Gongshou Gongsai said: “The veteran’s courage and sense of responsibility have been demonstrated, especially after the abdominal pain and the actions of the opponents are too memorable.” At the end of last year, Japan’s IAAF announced the 2015 Fukuoka Marathon. February 2016 tokyo marathon, Lake Biwa marathon in March for the trials, the standard specification of Japanese women's marathon Olympic Games in Rio set at 2 hours 6 minutes and 30 seconds of the initial results , last year's marathon in Fukuoka, Japan's best achievements in The third-placed Sasaki Suzuki's result was 2 hours 8 minutes 56 seconds. In the recently completed Tokyo Marathon, the best-performing Japanese player Takamiya Yoshihisa's score was 2 hours 10 minutes and 57 seconds , followed by record. Has improved .

North Island Shoudian won the runner-up results this time, ranking second in the three-race selection competition. Japan’s IAAF is preparing to formally announce the Rio Olympics list on March 17th. Beidao Shoudian is able to obtain a ticket for the Rio Olympics. He himself also stated that if I can participate in the Rio Olympic Games, I’ll definitely pay more attention to the body. , I will not allow myself to experience abdominal pain in the race.

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