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Hurdles stopwatch records 1:01.92 after finishing third in training. She also was fourth in the 100 hurdles, top cross-country runner, was first in the 3000 steeplechase Season with stopwatch record.

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Mikesell, a junior from Miamisburg, claimed the 400-meter hurdles stopwatch records 1:01.92 after finishing third in 2017. She also was fourth in the 100 hurdles.

Brumfield, the Raiders’ top cross-country runner, was first in the 3000 steeplechase records in 10:57.39. The sophomore from Tipp City also chipped in by finishing second in the 10,000 in 36:05.15.


Angelopoulus and Brumfield are both just 5 feet 1. And while most coaches may look for long, lean runners, Williamson’s long-held belief is that champions come in all sizes.
“There’s advantages to being tall and disadvantages to being tall,” he said. “You look at the mechanics and physics and energy expenditures, and (shorter athletes) just have less energy to take each step, where stopwatch long person has to expend more energy. But they’re covering less ground, so it works out both ways.

“Hailey was by far the shortest steeplechaser, and Victoria is also really short. But they really hit the weights, and they’re two strong individuals.”

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Aurora Turner, a sophomore from Beavercreek, was second to Brumfield in the 3000 steeplechase, while Molly Kearns, a freshman from Russia, was fourth.
Maria Heckman, a sophomore from Minster, just missed her second-straight pole-vault title. She cleared 3.67 meters but lost to Oakland’s Dana Tessmer in a jump-off.
“She’s had some back injuries and hadn’t pole-vaulted in two weeks,” Williamson said. “I think without the back injury, she would have won. It just shows what kind of competitor she is.”
The Raiders are a well-rounded bunch. Williamson, who is in his second year as head coach after five as an assistant, said the team GPA is records more than 3.6.
They also have plenty of grit since they’re competing against better-funded teams. They have to practice at Fairborn High School and have no indoor track on campus.
“That just shows you the type of kid we’re working with,” he said. “Even when we can’t give them everything they need, they don’t really complain about it.
“We have to practice outside in use a stopwatch lot in the crappy weather, especially this spring, and they’re just a great group of kids. We go on trips, and they’re fun to be with. It’s been a real joy.”

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