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Digital stopwatch black timer fixed at 5 minutes 34.32 seconds, this is Li Xin's manual stopwatch, The big RACE electronic stopwatch timing error of 0. 1 seconds, sports digital stopwatch to ensure that there

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Digital stopwatch record in the 4,400 metres relay race

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Sun Guiben and Wang Zhiyong took digital stopwatch and stood on the court in a match at the stadium. Years have not been on the track, Wang Zhiyong before the start, Su Pengxue and Li Xin next to the number seconds constantly remind, "this is the starting point!" "this is the end!" "run around the track! Don't cross the line! "
Wang Zhiyong 1.55 meters tall, no long legs, but not old, digital recorded 100 meters running 12 seconds 86, 400 meters run 1 minute 56 77 seconds. Sun Guimen faster, the digital recorded 100 meters running 11 seconds 95, 400 meters run 1 minute 51 37 seconds. Li Xin later measured their pre-run heart rate, immediate heart rate, recovery heart rate, are quite good.
Su Pengxue and Li Xin felt that the stone in their hearts had fallen to the ground. Suppen looked at the digital and calculated that if everyone could run within 1 minute 50 seconds for 400 meters, plus three batons, it would certainly not exceed 5 minutes and 30 seconds. The world record broke the previous year's Finnish record of 5 minutes, 43. 75 seconds of digita record.

Metal stopwatch

Metal digital stopwatch

We agreed on the day that we could sign up for other events, but to finish the 4400 meters is the key point, we must use high-end sports digital to ensure that there is no injury during training, no shortage of people.
It is your wish to know that you like running, and I support you to go. " Wang Zhiyong thinks, after all team fight, want not to go, how to explain with old partner? You can't help at home, so go.
Having completed his training assignment, he picked up the digital and tried to run another 100 meters. As soon as he stepped out, he fell to the ground. Broken, start too fast, the right calf severely strained, digital was not broken, but hurt himself.

"I'm going to run with a digital stopwatch, and I'm still young."

From the midsummer of Beijing to the late spring of Perth, three old Beijing friends met Shanghai's Wang Championship for the first time. Outside the hotel, four white-haired, toothless old people learned the rules of the relay race. They started with digital in their hands, took the baton from their companion's withered tree-like hand and started trembling. Make a stick.

Running 5000 meters that day, it was raining, windy, slightly cool. When the start was too fast, Sun Guimen pulled his right leg twice. As he dragged his right leg off the track, his body chilled, his heart was colder, and he could not hold the digital stopwatch, so that he did not count it, wondering how long he had run, and planned to run again.

Su Peng learned to hurry, "I told you to run the relay race, pops, why do you have another pull?" Sun Kui-ben was more upset than anyone. He raised his voice and said, "my leg is not broken, is it?" Isn't it a strain? I'll finish it too! "He gave up the next few days, plaster, anti-inflammatory, hot compress, rejuvenation, just for the day of the relay race.

Digital stopwatch record 100 meters, is also the start too fast, strained.

Su Pengxue felt that his mind was full of effort and finally enough people to see if he could participate in the competition all at once, Finally four people showed up on time at the starting line. Standing on the finish line, Li Xin pinched digital for them, looked closely at the time on the watch, sweating his palms, and more nervous than he was in the race. He thought to himself that it was quite remarkable to find four men on the starting line of Perth.

When the starting gun started, he looked at the sports digital stopwatch to record the time they needed to run, and found that the first bar was Wang Jinbiao. After 1 minute 22.95 seconds, Sun Guiben, the second baton, started running, and after 55.94 seconds, the baton reached Wang Zhiyong. Another 1 minute, 17, 96 seconds, the last sprint of punk. Finally, it took the digital 5 minutes, 35, 23 seconds to finish the race!

Metal digital stopwatch

Metal digital stopwatch

Li Xin carefully sealed the sweaty digital timer in an iron box. This digital black timer fixed at 5 minutes 34.32 seconds, this is Li Xin's manual, and the big RACE electronic timing error of 0. 1 seconds. Li Xin thinks, it doesn't matter, this is very precious. Pinching out a world record is one of his proudest things of the last decade. Half a year after the game, a few days ago, he went to see, broken, digital timer is dead.

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