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Sports stopwatch to record our running scores, the school stipulated that students must do preparatory activities. At this time, the two students had to look at the watch against the sports stopwatch.

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Training of students by teacher of physical education who always has stopwatch

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There is PE class every week, and every class the PE teacher has to record our running scores. During the run, I ran to the toilet because of a stomachache, and the other two students followed me. After coming out, I met the physical education teacher, and the physical education teacher, without asking the reason, began to watch the sports stopwatch and corporal punishment in the sun for five laps. One of the students found something in his stomach a few days ago. When he ran, he told the teacher that he had a stomachache. The teacher not only ignored but also took out to start the time, and there was no way to run it. After the run, we told the teacher that there was something in the student's stomach pain, and what did the teacher say? ? After that, she did not ask again to start her training. His classmates went back to class without telling the teacher because they could not go on. The teacher also said in particular, why did she leave for me? We girls say that she is really uncomfortable, stomach is really sore, the teacher with not only ignore us but also said she was particularly angry what cow angry she told me that she has a stomachache? We all said she told you and you gave her back. The teacher said she was mad. The principal didn't dare to treat me like this.

sports stopwatch

Training of students by teacher of physical education who always has sports stopwatch

The third part of the afternoon was physical education. The physical education teacher asked the students to jog as a whole to do preparatory activities. At this time, they found that there were three students, that is, xxx, Xu, and Wu. The PE teacher immediately looked. Finding them hiding in the corner of the wall without running, asked why Wu said to tie her shoes, the sports teacher with the let her into the class team to continue training. The other two students did not give the reason. Therefore, the teacher asked Ren and Xu to make up for the preparatory activities. In order to avoid safety problems in physical training, the school stipulated that students must do preparatory activities. At this time, the two students had to look at the watch against. I didn't say I had a stomachache.

In order not to affect other students, the teacher came to continue to organize sports training with sports stopwatch. After the preparatory activities were finished, the teacher asked them to join the team to do the exercises. Xu shouted, "teacher, she has something growing in her stomach!" The teacher said, "what is growing?" She did not answer. Because the student did not answer, the teacher went on to class. After a while, Ren Yuxin took his clothes, fell and beat, and went back to work without asking for leave. Afterward, the physical education teacher lets the sports committee Dong Mou to go upstairs to tell the class teacher situation. Teacher Dong, teacher in charge of the class, immediately inquired about any such situation. After communication between Mr. Dong and any person, Mr. Dong admitted that he was in normal health. The director gave her an ideological education. After class, any so and so to the physical education teacher's office, Si teacher reasonable, said that you are a student not only does not respect the teacher, but also so to the teacher, you also cannot be like this to own parents! Let her go back and think about it before the next class.

Metal stopwatch

Metal stopwatch

In their class again, Ren said to the whole class: "I was wrong last class, I shouldn't disrespect the teacher." Then said this sentence, the PE teacher did not let Ren Yuxin write a word review, This is the whole process, individual students do not know the truth of the matter, what they think online.

In order to pay close attention to the growth and development of each student and set up a good image of the school, the school also held a special meeting to reiterate the relevant requirements.

1. The whole school teachers' conference was held, and a normative management education was conducted to all teachers, stressing that teachers must strictly prohibit corporal punishment and any student in disguised form, and the educational management behavior must be regulated; Full respect for each student and care for each student.

2. The teachers of physical education group were taught the education teaching behavior standard and safety consciousness management.

3. Ideological education was conducted for the students concerned and a meeting was held for all the students

Respect for teachers and love for school education.

4. Effective communication with the parents of the students concerned, the formation of a joint home and school education and

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