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New smart watch from France, has begun selling its popular smart watches in Turkey. New Heart rate smart watch has won recognition from local consumers for its stylish, Minimalist design and many smart technologies.

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Smart watch, video sparks debate

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new smart watch from France, has begun selling its popular smart watches in Turkey. The new smart watch has won recognition from local consumers for its stylish, minimalist design and many smart technologies, while on Youtube, A video posted by a Turkish tech blogger about the operation of smart watch has also drawn a lot of attention from Turkish netizens.

In the video, the tech blogger introduces the packaging and overall design of the new smart watch, explaining in detail the smart features of the new smart watch connected to the APP, ranging from motion and sleep monitoring to UV monitoring and remote photography. Show to fans.

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Smart watches have been around for years and must be familiar with ordinary. But among so many smart watches on the market, hybrid smart watches, like the new ones, are something special. Their appearance and ordinary are not much different, but with varying degrees of intelligence. The hybrid smart watch combines the advantages of both, the technology of a smart watch and the look of an ordinary.

As the first series of more advantageous smart watches, LIFE are designed independently by the French design team, with minimalist looks, a mechanical pointer-like dazzling color screen and a Swiss smart movement. Remote photography, incoming call rejection and ultraviolet detection make life more intelligent and convenient, and at the same time have 30M waterproof. In addition, LIFE built-in button batteries, can do without charging, maintain 180 days of endurance, solve the majority of smart watch batteries on the market. A sore spot.
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This is a young French brand, bringing together Shanghai's cutting-edge technology and Paris aesthetic design, its mission is to encourage healthy lifestyles. Everything from smart watches to scales to sphygmo manometers gives you a good idea of your condition. All the detailed data are compiled in the APP to form a comprehensive health analysis. It is believed that with the global popularity of smart watches, it will help people better understand their daily activities and find the balance of life smart watches at their own pace.

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