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Mainstream smart watch is killing the daily charge habit and looks almost the same as the traditional watch, but it does sacrifice a lot of functionality. This kind of smart watch, more suitable for only a few simple requirements.

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So many smart watches, how to choose?

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word "smart watch" a few years ago

If he had seen or heard the word "smart watch" a few years ago, Tony might have been able to politely look back at an eyebrow-like curious face,And now that I hear it, I'm not very interested in it.

The smart watch can replace the dial at will, not only the traditional dial, but also the custom dial. Tony has been fantasizing about replacing the beloved Rolex dial!

But now there are so many Android smart watches on the market, which is the gorgeous "Nanbo Wan"?


Android smart watches on the market

This should vary from person to person, to see what kind of thing you like, and Tony will probably introduce to you some good ones. There will always be one that can satisfy you.

In addition to the functions of step recording, sleep monitoring and GPS positioning, message push / reply, the differences are mainly focused on whether or not they can monitor heart rate, independent calls, and Bluetooth playing music.

If you are shuttling between city buildings and wearing a tight fitting dry clothes, a handsome night runner, Tic will still be rich.

It can also talk independently (network support or consulting operator OU, you know, go out night run, the phone no matter how nice and comfortable arm belt, than not with a mobile phone more comfortable.)?.

Samsung's Gear S 3 Frontier can also be considered if it's not afraid to miss the phone no one should be looking at it at all.

If you are a hard-core outdoor sports enthusiast as ambitious as the world,Tony thinks GPS multifunctional outdoor should be the first choice.

smart watches

 While mainstream smart watches also

One looks very strong, and the other is that is famous in the navigation world. While mainstream smart watches also have compass GPS navigation and positioning capabilities, must be more reliable.

In addition, it also has a water surface positioning system that traditional intelligent meters do not have, built-in barometers, automatic elevation, diving plans, slope change monitoring of riding uphill height, real-time swimming posture identification, and real-time measurement of golf batting distance. Real show fairway, green data.

One thing to mention is that its charging is contact-type, and it's not as easy to use as a wireless charge like pure magnetic suction, sometimes without contact,But these are a little too smart. Such a large touch screen on the, but battery technology without revolutionary change, a day-to-day compromise is basically impossible to escape.


Tony typically uses his smart watch: during the day

isten to music, make a phone call, and are almost dead,When night comes, do you want to run? The is going to run out of electricity, run a chicken step! Most smart watches have features that are reserved only for walking, motion monitoring and sleep monitoring,Even Bluetooth is a low-power technology that takes a while to synchronize data with your phone,The only thing you can tell on a dial other than time is the completion of the day's step goal, and other details have to be checked in the phone's APP.

The method of charging is also very advanced ! That ' s , replace ! electricity ! Pool ! Power consumption has been reduced so much that the Tony bought five months ago is still strong. Power is not important, using button batteries, half a year change, no burden of cultivating charging habits.There are many heart rate monitoring and wireless charging functions. The black and white screen can also push some simple notices,Recommendation today is almost like this. Do you think you like mainstream or non-mainstream?

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Mainstream smart watches are much more versatile

Can replace mobile phones with more tasks, but one day is a price to pay,The anti-mainstream smart watch is killing the daily charge habit and looks almost the same as the traditional, but it does sacrifice a lot of functionality. This kind of smart watch, more suitable for only a few simple requirements.

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