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Su Bingtian 10 seconds 19 to get the first group first name Stopwatch shows, Xie Zhenye 10 seconds 22 column second running stopwatch shows, multifunction Stopwatch shows at the ninth road 30-year-old Beijing veteran Zhang Peimeng ran 10 seconds 30 season's best personal column group third electronics stopwatch shows.

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Stopwatch man hundreds of meters 04 win 10 seconds

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The current men's 100-meter world record is already retired Jamaican trapeze Bolt at the 2009 World Championships in Berlin created 9 seconds 58 form Stopwatch shows. The Asian record for this project was nine seconds 91 for Qatar's naturalization trapeze Aldu Nod. Chinese trainer Zhang Pei Meng ran a new national record of 10 seconds 00 at the shows semi-final of the 2013 Moscow World Championships. Su Bingtian ran shows 9.999 new national record at the Eugene U19 in the Diamond League in May 2015, and he also became the first one Run into the 10 second mark of Asian natives.

The last National Games Zhang Pei Meng 10 seconds 08 to win, Su Bingtian 10 seconds 12 runner-up form shows, Xie Zhen industry 10 seconds 32 to obtain the third place form shows, the competition champion will be mainly in the Su Bingtian and Xie Zhenye. 28-year-old Su Bingtian Asia's fastest runner in the past two years, Xie Zhenye 24-year-old is currently running into the 10 second 10 mark China's second man form shows, both men will start a new peak in the National Games dialogue.

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In April this year, shows Xie Zhenye ran down 9 mins 91 m downwind at a speed of 4.1 m / s. In the IAAF Madrid Challenge in mid-July, Xie Zhenye ran 9 mins 93 mph in the downwind form shows. Su Bingtian in April that Florida Super Invasion race ran 9 seconds 98 super wind form shows; Eugene station Su Bingtian in May this year, In shows 92 seconds 9 seconds to get the best results of this site runner-up, but the game unfortunately winds down the wind 2.4 M / s. Today's National Games men's 100 meters final, known as the history of the most competitive Games National Men's 100 meters flying war.


Preliminaries stopwatch:

September 2 at the Tianjin National Games track and field men's 100 meters semi-finals, Su Bingtian 10 seconds 19 to get the first group first name shows, Xie Zhenye 10 seconds 22 column second shows, shows at the ninth road 30-year-old Beijing veteran Zhang Peimeng ran 10 seconds 30 season's best personal column group third shows, three famous qualifying for the final on September 3 the final. The second semi-finals team, Jiangsu Xu ocean and Hubei Zhi-Qiang almost hit the line at the same time, Xu ocean to 10 seconds 34 to obtain the group shows, the two also successfully reached the finals. Eight players who qualify for the men's 100 meters final on the night of September 3 are Guangdong Su Bingtian, Zhejiang Xie Zhenye, Beijing Zhang Peimeng, Jiangsu Xu Haiyang, Hubei Wu Zhiqiang, Shanghai Xu Zhouzheng, Guangdong Liang Jinsheng and Hunan Mi Hong.

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After the start of the race, Xie Zhenye, who was on the fourth lane, took the lead in rushing out to ahead of schedule. In the seventh channel Su Bingtian struggling to catch up, but ultimately failed to catch up Xie Zhenye. Beijing team 30-year-old veteran Zhang Pei Meng in the semifinals ran 10 seconds 30 season date, in the finals he ninth, Zhang Pei-ming after departure is also in a backward state, although he tried to catch up with the opponent but after 30 meters he was obviously in Outdated location. Finally, Xie Zhen industry first passed the final score of 10 seconds 04 time. Su Bingtian 10th runner-up 10 seconds, Xu Xu of Jiangsu to 28 second place in 10 seconds, Wu Zhiqiang in Hubei and Xu Zhouzheng of Shanghai ran 10 seconds 31 date shows, the two won the fourth fifth respectively. shows The last champion Zhang Peimeng won the sixth with 10 seconds 34, Guangdong Liang Jin Sheng 10 seconds 37 seventh date shows, Hunan Mi Hong 49 seconds won the 49th shows date..


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