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Although the sports stopwatch is more for endurance training, but can not ignore the speed, otherwise it can not reach Training purpose.

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34-year world track and field stopwatch really that break it?

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Many girls have not used the stopwatch running, has been the recognition of 800 meters is a problem, dusty oldest track and field world record is the women's 800 meters, has been 34 years, still remembers the moment once stopwatch flash as 800 meters of one of the girls' physical examination projects is a nightmare. From anxiety before the run, until the consumption of Half-Life.

Please do n't disappoint these dramas. After all sports stopwatch, 800 meters is also a difficult project for many sports students.

Life has been infinite for generations, and it looks like eight hundred years. Look at the inner running of the girls when they are running 800 meters. I hope that the stopwatch will flash faster. It turns out that everyone has the fear of being dominated by 800 meters.

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Life without 800 meters is incomplete. Congratulations to the sports students on the screen. You should not use the stopwatch to run for hundreds of meters. Let us make this life perfect again!

Why are 800 meters a challenging project? 800 meters is the shortest project in the middle and long-distance running. It requires the most important explosive power and speeds to break through the stopwatch and the most important endurance of long-distance running. It is a racing project based on endurance and speed endurance. The endurance ability tested is mainly anaerobic speed endurance. In the 800-meter run, the load on the aerobic system and the anaerobic system is very large.

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The first important point is to learn to master the breathing rhythm. Some people like to take two steps and one suck, two steps, and one call. Some people like to take three steps and one suck, three steps, and one call. This varies, but in peacetime training, be sure to use sports stopwatch and attention to learn to adjust and control their own breathing rhythm.
"Two-wing theory" is the most frequently mentioned method of training in 800 meters and 1000 meters. The 800-meter "long-wing" training is 1000 meters or 1500 meters, and the last 400 meters should be exhausted with full force, which can exercise basic endurance, "short Wing training is 400 meters, you can use the professional sports stopwatch to exercise speed.

follow   The "long wing" theory of continuous running, the total distance should be maintained at about 5,000 meters, through the long distance training can improve the basic endurance, although the sports stopwatch is more for endurance training, but can not ignore the speed, otherwise it can not reach Training purpose.

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follow   The "small-wing" theory of intermittent running, the general rule is 100 meters, 200 meters, 300 meters, 400 meters, but it is not static, you can choose according to your own habits, the interval should be within 5 minutes. Intermittent sports stopwatch can exercise endurance and speed ability, and it is a very effective method in a short time, it is suitable for pre-work training.
The repeated training method is to repeat the same exercise many times. It is more suitable for students who are not too good at the initial 800 meters. Keeping the hand-held stopwatch and running at high speed for a long distance can enhance endurance and speed, and make them more comfortable with long-distance running.

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