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Then multiply by two is a minute of heart beating. Under normal circumstances, the adult's heart rate smart bracelet is 60-100 jumps / minute, the athlete's heart rate smart bracelet is usually 40-60 jumps / minute.

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About running intelligent bracelet

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Now about running smart device bracelet lot, can be used to monitor the runners heart rate smart bracelet, running mileage, calorie consumption, etc., runners can assess their own health as well as the extent of the training these data. In fact, runners who want to assess their own health only need a watch to monitor resting heart rate smart bracelet .

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Resting heart rate smart bracelet can reflect the runner's cardiovascular health. The resting heart rate smart bracelet is the number of beats per minute of the runner's heart , a value that indicates how well the heart is working throughout the body's blood circulation. Under normal circumstances, low heart rate smart bracelet means the heart's work easier, high heart rate smart bracelet means that the heart work hard, indicating that the health is not high.

heart rate smart bracelet will be affected by many factors, such as age, weight, medication, mood, sleep, diet and so on. It is precisely because of heart rate smart bracelet by so many factors, so just woke up in the morning when theheart rate smart bracelet is more accurate, more accurately reflect the physical condition.

Therefore, the runner is best to measure heart rate smart bracelet before getting up. When the alarm rang, then awake for a minute or two, the runner can pulse. You can look at half a minute pulse beats, then multiply by two is a minute of heart beating. Under normal circumstances, the adult's heart rate smart bracelet is 60-100 jumps / minute, the athlete's heart rate smart bracelet is usually 40-60 jumps / minute.

Occasional heart rate smart bracelet monitoring is unable to assess physical health, and only daily monitoring and adhere to a few weeks, to find their average heart rate smart bracelet. The more data that is monitored, the more accurate it is.

Routine aerobic exercise improves cardiovascular system efficiency. All physiological conditioning will reduce the runner's heart weight, thereby reducing its beating frequency. Many studies have confirmed that insisting on such a final result is to extend people's life expectancy.

So, runners insist how long you can see the heart rate smart bracelet changes? This is difficult to give accurate time, after all, each person's physical fitness is not the same. Under normal circumstances, adhere to the training can be detected within 8 weeks of heart rate smart bracelet decline. Of course, this mainly depends on the strength and frequency of runner training. If runners insist 3-4 times per week running, and perseverance, within two months can see the heart rate smart bracelet reduction.

After several weeks of testing, runners understand their average resting heart rate smart bracelet, we must pay attention to its changes. If one heart rate smart bracelet suddenly exceeds the average by 10 times, this means something can happen. Is it sick or over-stressed? Is lack of sleep or over-training? After finding the reason, adjust the training plan until the resting heart rate smart bracelet returns to normal. Of course, if your resting heart rate smart bracelet drops, your body and your training are on the right path.

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