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It is worth mentioning that relevant industry insiders also revealed to that children's smart watches have a certain influence and penetration on today's children's social circles, and more and more parents can't take their children for granted, because children's smart watches have already become children. "Fashion" in the eyes.

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Smart watch is the precious of the new century?

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You know, children's smart watches shipped less than one million in 2014, and just one year later in 2015, that number exceeded 6 million. By 2018, the annual sales of children's smart watches has exceeded 10 million, and the average price is gradually increasing.


Especially the small geniuses of BBK, whose growth rate exceeded 50% year-on-year last year, it is no wonder that giants such as Ten cent, Axiom, Aweigh, 360, HKUST Unfix, Soughs have poured into the market. The blue sea has become the red sea, and children's phone watches have gradually highlighted their limitations. 

The demographic dividend has bottomed out in the mobile phone market in recent years. With the declining number of new students, the market for children's smart watches is also facing contraction. In 2018, China's new population was 15.23 million, a decrease of about 2 million compared with 2017. However, the new population in 2019 is expected to be about 11 million, a decrease of about 4 million or 26% compared with 2018.

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Moreover, the children's smart watch originally developed for safety has its own security loopholes, which is ironic. Not long ago, a number of domestic children's smart watch suppliers were exposed to widespread security protection vulnerabilities by foreign media such as Pen Test Partners, Rapid7, Avast and foreign security software companies. It is estimated that at least 47 million or more terminal devices may be affected by this.


It is reported that some hackers can not only retrieve or change the children's real-time GPS location by virtue of these security holes, but also talk to them or quietly monitor the children's range of activities, or capture device-based audio files of calls from insecure clouds. It is difficult for parents to detect and prevent it. Similar information is monitored by hackers at any time, such as daily trajectories and the surrounding real-time sound environment, parent calls, parent mobile phone numbers, etc. can be obtained by criminals. This was even disclosed in the Focus Interview.


Earlier, the German federal agency has even banned the sale of children's smart watches and advised parents to destroy the children's watches they have purchased, even calling them monitoring devices. Norwegian consumer fee Association also said that most of the children's intelligence watch too simple, when transferring data to the end and not to the parents encryption, which is there is a big security risk, but wanted more peace of mind suck.

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It is also worth mentioning that, due to safety hazards such as radiation and explosions and the sense of distrust brought by monitoring, many schools explicitly prohibit students from wearing children's smart watches. Two months ago, a primary school student in Hangmen City, Iguanodon, burned his wrist because of a sudden smoke spontaneous combustion on his wristwatch. It can be seen that the safety issue is still the sword of Damocles hanging over a child's smart watch.


It is understood that in August 2018, eight departments including the Ministry of Education jointly issued the "Implementation Plan for Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents", which directly provided restrictions on the use of electronic products. The vice principal of the elementary school also said that "according to the requirements of the document, our school has repeatedly emphasized that students are not allowed to bring electronic products such as telephones, watches, and mobile phones to enter the campus", but it is impossible to prevent such small objects as watches.


In addition, learned from the parents of some children in the age group of 4-10 years old in Shanghai that the first time I bought this watch was for safety and to be able to contact the child at any time. The result surprised them that their children's social needs dominated the use of the watch. A parent told, "I bought a 360 children's watch for my son, but he always clamored for a" little genius. " Add friends to each other, classmates use this, he can not add others, and others can not add him. "


It is worth mentioning that relevant industry insiders also revealed to that children's smart watches have a certain influence and penetration on today's children's social circles, and more and more parents can't take their children for granted, because children's smart watches have already become children. "Fashion" in the eyes.


smart watches Deviation core competitiveness, shuffle integration is unavoidable


In recent years, the children's smart watch market has been expanding. As a new category of the smart wearable market, it integrates communication, education and entertainment. Relevant data shows that the sales of children's smart watches will exceed 55 million units in 2020, and the market size will exceed 18 billion yuan, which is expected to become the next gold market in the education market.


The "little genius" mentioned in the child's mouth is the brand that entered the children's smart phone watch market earlier. In 2015, when children's watch brands in the market were still focusing on positioning and voice chat functions, "Little Genius" first introduced the call function, filling the market gap. Subsequently, it inherited Block's usual advertising marketing methods, star endorsements and advertising layout, which immediately increased exposure and visibility and seized the market.

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Although children's smart watches have technically low barriers to entry, many electronic technology companies can produce them. But the fission of children's social effects brought about by the "little genius" hardware exclusivity is terrible. It is understood that "little genius" has the function of passing business cards one by one, and built a circle of friends similar to We-chat, making it a hard currency in closed children's social circles.


But it is precisely after the merchants began to tilt the core to social and other content, children's smart watches are losing their original intentions, especially in the increasingly fierce competition process, over-emphasis on social and other content will inevitably lead the entire industry astray.


In fact, the reason why the“little genius”is pushing social functions is undoubtedly a helpless move after feeling the pressure from giants such asAweigh, Axiom, and 360 to cut into this market. However, in any case, its attempt to take advantage of the brand loyalty accumulated in the market early and then use social to enhance customer stickiness is extremely dangerous. It is the same for the industry and the brand itself.


On the other hand, it is not difficult to find that children's smart watches have now passed the exploration stage. With the intelligent sweeping, in addition to calling and positioning, dictionary query, social and audio functions have gradually enriched the experience of using children's watches. , Which has intensified market competition.


With the influx of giants such as Ten cent, Axiom, Aweigh, HKUST Unfix, Soughs, 360, the children's smart watch market has entered the second half. On a crowded track, the market is in the process of changing from the previous communication thinking to the mobile Internet thinking, which will usher in a critical period of brand integration.


But at the same time, the innovation of the entire industry has become conservative, of course, this is also the normalization of the home due to long time, budget, and cognitive limitations. After all, there is no childhood. For the children's smart watches with a low probability of repeated purchases, the industry head still tends to make minor repairs to the core single function on the existing basis.

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With the expansion of the market scale and the acceleration of the 5G era, children's smart watch manufacturers entering a period of steady development need to begin to seek new opportunities and breakthroughs. The addition of various functions such as AI and mobile payment is a good complement to existing watch functions.


Some senior practitioners in the industry told Because the threshold is not high, once the disruptive innovation appears, the children's smart watch industry will face reshuffle. Therefore, only when the next generation of products can understand the psychology of children, can it be difficult for them to succeed, and the accumulation of related technologies of AI and Ion will help manufacturers to rebuild their competitiveness. The level of high-precision semantic analysis and voice manipulation based on children's big data will determine the industry height that manufacturers can reach in the future.


Although since 2014 the rise in domestic child smart watch, smart watch industry, there are still children, including positioning allowed and there is a series of problems delayed disclosure of user privacy, poor battery life, AI features and gimmicks of shackles and other school rules, but as ever As the niche market grows, new entrants can still find ways to expand application boundaries, consolidate ecological and technological internal strength, ignite the industry, and create more and better smart experiences for children when other manufacturers blindly pile up hardware. 

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