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Increases the risk of ankle and knee injuries, and forces the heel to the ground in the direction above the back. this will also increase the friction on the feet stopwatch for running

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Use Stopwatch Running pace No. Heavy

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Look at people. That stopwatch for running is as light as a swallow, plus a wild drag cool; heart yearning, plus envy and hate; look at yourself, bulky, stiff, incongruous, feet and the ground close contact can only be described in one word.

In the face of a stopwatch running footsteps heavy this problem

Faced with the problem of running foot sinking, weight is undoubtedly the first to bear the brunt.

Runners with too much body weight bear more downward force on their legs and feet when running, and the most intuitive feeling is the weight of their feet.
Too much weight will force us to use more energy to support our bodies during exercise and counteract the greater ground friction caused by larger weights. Therefore, under such consumption, the body will soon feel powerless by lack of energy, and the lactic acid accumulated in the process will cause muscle pain, fatigue, and make our steps heavier.
Because of too much weight, the body's inertia is even greater. Use stopwatch for running, when A stopwatch records your When a foot hits the ground, our body tilts slightly forward because of inertia, and the forward force is eventually attached to the soles of the foot in the form of pressure, increasing the force on the foot.
People who are overweight tend to be bigger, too. Do not run with a stopwatch This increases the air resistance of running to a certain extent and makes us more laborious.
Recommendations:To solve the above causes of foot heavy, the most simple and crude measures are of course weight loss; In addition, in order to avoid damage to bones and joints due to overloading, it is recommended that overweight runners control the amount of running, starting with low-intensity exercises such as fast walking or jogging, until the body gradually adapts. After some weight loss, the normal running training.
stopwatch for running

The wrong running posture is also a major cause of the heavy pace.

Running too high or too low body will make the body center of gravity backward, let us run like a "brake", so naturally lead to heavy footsteps; And the body is too forward, the upper body forward will apply more gravity to the front foot, making each leg lift becomes more difficult.

When the foot lands, many runners are used to landing on the heel first, which increases the impact on the legs, spreads directly to the joints, increases the risk of ankle and knee injuries, and forces the heel to the ground in the direction above the back. This will also increase the friction on the feet stopwatch for running, increasing the running resistance; If the whole foot hits the ground, in addition to the foot impact force and the foot sole friction will increase, when the legs move forward alternately, the whole palm ground leg will also lose a large part of the pedal rebound force because of the angle. Reduce the lightness of the pace.

If the swing arm amplitude is too large or the elbow joint is too outward, it is easy to destroy the balance of the body, promote the body to consume more energy to maintain the balance, and the foot will be unable to maintain light state because of the uneven force and instability.
Recommendations:First of all, be clear, ground, track and you have no grudge, do not step on each step of the real force; What's more, running in the right position, keeping your body straight, tilting forward slightly as you accelerate, your head slightly down, your neck relaxed, your eyes straight ahead, your arms relaxed, your elbows less than 90 degrees. Shoulders move arms back and forth instead of crossing in front of the body, the front of the footfalls first, the legs are swapped and then the forepaw is used, and the tip of the foot pushes backward to gain greater jumping force.
stopwatch for running
Running is brisk, based on the balance of gravity, coordination of limbs, steady pace and steady rhythm A running stopwatch Not only won't the rhythm be easy for you, but it will also make your feet heavier.

Fast and slow, sometimes striding and sometimes small, the center of gravity fluctuating are all signs of rhythm instability, and at this time, the body will inevitably spend more energy and physical strength to maintain the balance of the body and adapt to new rhythms. In the midst of this constant change, there is no chance that the pace of running will be brisk.

Excessive speed increases can also disrupt the tempo of running, because runners may subconsciously speed up the movement of their legs when they are desperate to speed up, but energy metabolism and muscle expansion are unlikely to catch up immediately. Stopwatch for running Acceleration ", this leads to physical disharmony. In addition, in the course of forced acceleration, due to excessive tension in the leg muscles, the stride of the runner will be reduced, and the sprint will be reduced, and not only will he not get the brisk pace, Even every step feels like it's hitting the ground.
Recommendations: Control physical strength, breathing rate, stride, stride frequency, and don't break your running rhythm because of external factors such as other runners, chatting or occasional passing scenery. Can not find a rhythm of the runner might as well come to a strong sense of rhythm, and with their own running frequency of music; Also, don't try to speed up from the start, and wait until you've mastered the right rhythm and run at a brisk pace before you think about speeding up.

In the course of running, the role of the legs is very important. First, the legs ensure the balance of the body. Secondly, the stretching of the leg muscles provides the strength of the back of the legs and ensures that the runners get enough jumping power. This is also the most basic guarantee of the brisk pace of running. Therefore, the leg strength is insufficient, the force does not coordinate also will cause the step heavy, procrastination.
stopwatch for running
Underdeveloped or unevenly distributed leg muscles are the main cause of leg weakness.
Before running, inadequate warm-up, hypothermia, slow blood circulation, and insufficient stretching of leg muscles can lead to leg stiffness, weakness, and  coordination.

Insufficient nutrition also leads to leg weakness during running.

Recommendations: Warm up well before running, especially by stretching your legs; if you have insufficient muscle strength, increase your leg muscles through proper strength training, and increase your intake of calcium and protein in your diet.

Good selection of equipment is resistance, if not well chosen, it becomes resistance.
After wearing pantyhose, overweight will not only increase the burden on the body but also cause the whole body to be affected by gravity. Too tight will bind the body, which will affect the circulation of blood and supply oxygen to the body. If it does not fit well, it will feel burdensome if it is too large Stopwatch.The pace became messy, heavy, and procrastinating.
The shoes are too heavy, and the soles will make the running cumbersome.
With too much equipment on your body, the impact can make the runner feel cumbersome, chaotic, and affect the pace.
Recommendations:Equipment in fine no longer.
So, is running right now Stopwatch Of you, is like the chivalrous Ling wave to go without a trace like the same, or like heavy machinery like every step is quite "real"?

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