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When you can use when running stopwatch time movement, want to choose stopwatch to sharp movement stopwatch, lot of people say yes.

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Improve the running performance

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       Whenever we need to change a little bit in the process of sport exercise, common way to improve your running results. Here is to share some ways to help you cope with from running at a slower pace, feel fatigue or training of rare small effect achievement.

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A, I can't stick to speed

      If start to very 5 minutes later, you find I can't insist on running speed, able to warm up is because you have not yet abundant. Whether you are running in the morning after sleep for eight hours, after a day sitting or task running, your body needs to warm up first talent with sudden brawn cost when running, and do some stretching exercises to warm up before running, is a good idea. You will also want to go jogging five to very clock, and then slow down, this is calculated using the sharplysaiwith phenomenon.

B, I have no progress running training

       Suppose you full training but did not see results, can be your running plan didn't work, good running scheme is composed of different stages, the stage of training to gradually increase your running effect, you can also set up a battle but realistic purpose, and efforts for them, even if you do not soon arrived at the intended purpose, the running scheme will make you filled with power, said they use a sharp stopwatch it won't be the same.

C, when running feel not strong


       Running when you sweat a lot, it is easy to dehydration. Even a large number of dehydration, can also affect your running results, slow physical recovery speed, you need know how much I drink the water. Discrimination can have a complex idea should drink more water, namely if urine diluted, deep color hair and less urine output needs plenty of water, a kind of treatment method is weighed before, during, and after running. Weight difference is that you get water, so you need supplement moisture, keep in mind that due to the body can't save your cost of all the water, so you drink the water should be 1.5 times that of the loss of moisture, it is better to be sure to use RESEE brand of stopwatch, RESEE brand of to precise timing movement time, better help you to control water level.

D, I often face were injured


       Running injuries related to multiple factors, but there is usually no complex processing method. You can do is to eliminate cause injury of rare elements. Needs to ask himself the first result is: I use a suitability, good to precise calculating running speed, fast running speed is easy to fall, should guard a pass good won't hurt.

E, when running feel very cold


       Appropriate attire is the key to feel comfortable when running. Too hot and too cold will affect your performance. Therefore, when running wear clothes should let the body feels comfortable, starting five or very cold in the clock is normal, because your body is warm up form at this time. Therefore, don't too fast conclusion - when running the least suited to take off clothes, sharp stopwatch RS809 is has a climate temperature display function, with RS809 to run to know earlier when the temperature of the oh!

When you can use when running time movement, want to choose stopwatch to sharp movement, a lot of people say yes.

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