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Stopwatch harsh persist in running for a period of time, you will gradually fall in love with the feeling of running with stopwatch , do not run a day feel missing something, whole body sad, so one time we must go to run, every run Have to bring stopwatch , their own body and thinking will come to talk about themselves.

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Running stopwatch changed me, but not downsizing

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    Now more and more people are beginning to run in the parks, playgrounds, riversides and roads, and the number of people participating in the marathon is even a few fold increase. The days are already exhausted; while those who love running are very Will use the, even if it is busy to take time out with to run, I feel this is the energy of exercise, there is a lot of people do not understand a kind of energy, so those who do not go running have a doubt, are What do you think? "Do not you tired?" Someone said: running is part of my life. At first just love running, but also loved RESEE brand of, this let me run more rules, after running half horse at a friend's encouragement, Malaysia, today, have the courage to run cross-country. Running let me bored, pain and happiness. Running makes me stronger and makes me more determined! I love running! I love the kind of challenge limit, defeat the sense of accomplishment, but also love the use of to accumulate data for each exercise, and to do again and again to break!

    Some people say: after running, now nerve to the hopeless situation. Naturally do not say awake at 6:00 every day, even if it is to go out to visit, but also insist on running every day. Running let me ride tiger hard, I think I was addicted.
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running will become a gourmet, hands-on can be even more great

    Due to the special nature of running, nutrition needs high. You have no way to satisfy too much of the desire to eat, but can better eat some healthy food. Instead of these foods better, gradually accumulated through common sense, you will make more delicious and healthy food.

If you often use the harsh persist in running for a period of time, you will gradually fall in love with the feeling of running with stopwatch, do not run a day feel missing something, whole body sad, so one time we must go to run, every run Have to bring  , their own body and thinking will come to talk about themselves. Many feelings when running, finished running but completely relieved. The running process is a process of self-talk and self-review. In this impetuous society, running gives you a quiet, self-deposition time.

will let you re-recognize themselves

    When Mercedes runs, people's minds are in a situation that is neither completely undone nor fully gathered, much closer to the state of the mind in meditation. The running meditation opens the door to our innermost feelings. After talking to ourselves, asking ourselves, and then knowing ourselves, knowing ourselves, and certainly ourselves, we become clearer and more resolute about our choices. The prayer of Christianity and the meditation in Christianity , Yoga in lotus position, can be regarded as the practice of life, and running meditation is different, the former are carried out under static movement, which is carried out under dynamic exercise, but all in consideration Solve the problem, understand the truth.

    Not every run you will do this consideration, these considerations are often completed in the future when you finish running slowly using the stopwatch when the soul is like leisurely ease walking, or completely empty, when you a When people are running, you do not have the sense of crowding. You do not have the feeling of enclosure. You are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You are far away from the noisy crowd. As long as your eyes are full of the scenery on both sides of the road, You will find yourself in running, you will learn strong in running.

    Running, allowing you to re-invent guidelines, the world's insecurity, people become impetuous, many times even to get along with their own time to the phone or entertainment. We look at the outside world becomes increasingly blurred, more and more do not know what they want, on the principle of lost focus, he lost his own determination to see the smell insensitive; these are confused, through the use of timing Strict harsh running, running a few times have their own great policy. And when you are running, your heart is quiet. The more quiet the heart is, the more you are inspired by new ideas and ideas. Especially for a creator, running with is a creative process.

running allows you to understand the meaning of perseverance.

You are always ready to face difficulties before running, for example, to take the records, and immediately think of myself running must be faster than 20% of the previous run time, we need to have such a principle of energy will find all the difficulties There are ways to deal with it, but every time I feel down, I feel that it is not so difficult to imagine myself, neither is life nor full of knowledge. You do not know what you are facing in the next moment. You can only step by step go with. Every time you run to quickly abandoned, I inform myself to insist on it, to persevere.

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