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Beautiful face, beautiful smile, beautiful sprint, beautiful persistence, of course, pain and happiness. In the national team, she and Wang Meng are the main players stopwatch show of 500 meters and 1000 meters all from stopwatch show.

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Well-known, girls can use stopwatch runway training first

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I said to Wang Meng: "See you dare to dash on the rink, no one afraid of the posture, childhood Amoy." Wang Meng said with a smile: "Amoy Amoy are beaten." 10-year-old uses stopwatch coach Ma Qingzhong To the school to choose seedlings, a look at her phase. Little Wang Meng quickly showed her outstanding athleticism and sense of ice, often throwing the boy away. At that time, Ma Qingzhong took her to practice straight slipway. Meng Qingyu met and felt that this child was alert, strong and quick. He decided to personally take her to practice short cuts. Practice has proved that this choice is more conducive to play Wang Meng fast, fierce, spiritual characteristics. Ice on the base of many professionals saw her skating, all tut amazing,

stopwatch runway 

Saying that the girl on the ice, "like the foot wiped oil." Unexpectedly, into the developmental period, Wang Meng body suddenly fat, fierce coach She increased physical activity, it is thin not down. Dad deliberately bought her a Siamese slimming clothes, covered with airtight, accompanied her to the old stadium every day running, a run is 30 laps show. Run off off, sweat streaming trousers legs. Also strictly control the diet, two meals a day, a meal to eat a half and a half. Hungry eat cucumbers, the family prepared a big basket, eat Wang Meng eyes are green, but the weight or not down. His parents sighed, Meng Qing Yu and Ma Qingzhong sighed, and even a little disappointed Wang Meng's future movement. Wang Meng was born dead, the more people say she will not feel more and more of her own line, "I was powerful, yeh!" At the age of 14, she made a major decision without the coaching staff: Youth I call the shots! In 2002, at the World Junior Short Track Speed Skating Championships, record 18-year-old Wang Meng won the championship 500 meters, which is the first gold medal won by Chinese teens in this event. Since then she was unable to accept the hair, began an invincible "era of Mongolia."

Liu Qiuhong is also the miner's daughter.

Beautiful face, beautiful smile, beautiful sprint, beautiful persistence, of course, pain and happiness. In the national team, she and Wang Meng are the main players show of 500 meters and 1000 meters all from show, two people are fellow, which became the best partner. January 2010, autumn macro accidentally fell in training, right foot skate on the left thigh draw a 12 cm long wound, stitched hundreds of stitches. At this point, less than a month away from the Vancouver Olympics. Sick on the bed, she secretly burst into tears. How eager she can recover as soon as possible, catch the last train of Vancouver Olympic Games ah! However, on January 29, 2010, when the Chinese short-to-team team departed from Beijing Capital Stadium, there was no Liu Qiuhong in the ranks. That day she just returned from the hospital dressing. Her figure outside the door, she was off for teammates. 

Wang Meng on the car and several teammates cried, autumn macro also cried.

National team coach Li Yan, like his mother, remember all team members. A dozen days later, Liu Qiuhong was ordered to fly to Vancouver to meet with the short-queue team. She witnessed off-court teammates swept all the women's four gold brilliant. 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, autumn macro to set off as the main players. In show the 500-meter semi-finals, due to falls affected by teammates, Qiuhong missed a good opportunity missed the finals. At the closing ceremony, the leader and coach made Qiuhong a standard-bearer of the Chinese delegation, which gave her great comfort. It is commendable that the frustrated Liu Qiuhong finally hold back. Held in the same year the World Championships, Liu Qiuhong and teammates finally won the women's 3,000-meter relay gold medal stopwatch show no.1.

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