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Endurance and speed training. Distance training is carried out with estimated results and average speed. Segmentation from short to long Track and field Stopwatch Practice, so as to

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Use track and field stopwatch 3000 meters running four skills

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Middle distance race is a necessity. Track and field stopwatch Speed and endurance of the comprehensive project, the middle distance race is One of the reasons for good or bad results is the innate quality of the players. A good figure and visceral function is an athlete. The basis of success, the day after tomorrow.More needs track and field stopwatch Special training is the hand to improve their athletic performance. Section. When a good athlete has a good physical advantage, but when his athletic performance to a certain stage will stagnate, then the need for advanced means to improve athletic performance. Therefore, it has become an urgent task to strive to improve sports performance. In this paper, the methods and means of training and technical movements to share a few views:

Development Track and field stopwatch of general endurance

Developing general endurance is the main way to enhance the function of respiratory system and cardiovascular system and improve aerobic metabolism.Through the use of track and field stopwatch To improve the body's ability to bear, develop speed endurance and the basis of high-intensity training, so the middle and long distance running training should pay attention to the development of general endurance training.

The main way to develop general endurance is to run for a long time with low intensity and steady running speed. The heart rate is controlled at One hundred and fifty Around the same time, the distances between each project are as follows: Eight hundred Rice running5~8Kilometre,One thousand and five hundred Rice,Three thousand Rice running8~15Kilometre,Five thousand Ten thousand Rice running10~25Kilometre.

track and field stopwatch

track and field stopwatch

The general endurance training has a large proportion of the preparation period of the year-round training. Because of the monotony of the long-term running, cross-country running, running, and choosing complex terrain for cross-country running can not only develop general endurance, but also help to improve the strength of supporting organs.

improve traditional training Track and field a stopwatch methods.

1Grasp the basic attributes and characteristics of the event, now the middle and long distance race are no longer endurance and speed contest, athletes are running at high speed in the full range. So now middle distance race is not an endurance project.

This requires us to combine speed and stamina closely in training, and insist on high intensity training. A Track and fiel stopwatch is used.The basic purpose of training is to cultivate the play ers'ability to maintain speed. At the same time, with the help of effective recovery methods, the players can systematically adhere to and maintain a good movement state.

Training should be done at this stage.Adjust Track and field stopwatch According to intermittent training and overload training, a large amount of exercise is carried out. Endurance and speed training. Distance training is carried out with estimated results and average speed. Segmentation from short to long Track and field Stopwatch Practice, so as to accurately control the speed of each paragraph, cultivate the sense of speed of each paragraph, establish a phased speed dynamic finalization. For example, the practice of interval time and other intermittent intervals. Such as:

200M+400M+800M+1000MThe interval is three minutes, and the expected result is expected.Two hundred Twenty-eight Second,Four hundred

Sixty Second,Eight hundred Two Twenty Second,One thousand Three Ten Second. The relaxation method was used in the small step.Three Minute Track and field stopwatch Then run for the next time.

2The middle and long distance race are a sport which requires high physical fitness. In order to study the training methods of the middle and long distance race, we should first grasp the characteristics of the energy supply of the middle and long distance race, such as Eight hundred Rice running is generally the energy supply of the phosphoric acid system.30% Glycolysis system accounts for65%Aerobic metabolism only accounts for5%;Three thousand When rice runs, there is a supply of oxygen and energy.40%Glycolysis

40%The phosphoric acid system accounts for20%,Five thousand Rice and rice Ten thousand For running, aerobic metabolism reaches70% ~ 80%, Track and field stopwatch Different training methods should be selected according to different projects and energy supply systems.
track and field stopwatch
3Attention should be paid to the training of competitive state and tactical training. Sometimes some athletes performance is unsatisfactory, which is closely related to the poor competitive state. Therefore, small-cycle training should be strengthened while large-cycle training. How to cultivate a good competitive state in a short period of time is also an important issue, the formulation of tactics should be based on the right.
Make a reasonable segmentation of the situation of the hand. Track and field 
Stopwatch On the way, it is best to follow the first group, and at the same time have a good ability of self adjustment.

This stage of training in addition to strengthening speed and endurance, but also with high load intensity to make up for the lack of continuous load. The training plan should start from reality, according to different training periods and every day.

Track and field Stopwatch settings for track and field The training content are to determine the load and load intensity of the athletes. On the basis of each person's characteristics, according to the individual, according to the event, according to the level of exercise to arrange each class load and load intensity.

improve Track and field stopwatch technology.

The economic effectiveness of athletes' running technology has a great impact on sports performance. At present, there are two types of middle and long distance runners. One is that the back pedal is more powerful, the front leg is higher, the stride is larger, but the frequency is relatively high.

The other is fast frequency and relatively small stride, so that the rear pedal force is small. Track and field stopwatch time Shorten, run smoothly, effortless and economical, accord with the principle of economy. So there are more second ways of modern times. Past training, more emphasis on the back pedal force, increase the pace and ignore the speed of movement, due to excessive back pedal and elevation, each step consumes a lot of energy. Besides, middle distance runners generally have lower stature and no improvement in frequency. Of course, stride frequency and stride length are not absolutely opposite, according to the distance to run to different stride frequency and stride length ratio.
In addition, the relaxation of the body of the middle movement is also very important to the overall technical movements. First, the facial muscles relax, looking down, so that the muscles can relax, slightly chest, arms swing lightly and forcefully.

Track and field stopwatch General angle of elbow joint when swinging Ninety This is the best way to do this. With good step frequency, the whole movement will be light and steady, with a strong sense of rhythm.

track and field stopwatch

Adhere to“Speed centered” Principle training Track and field stopwatch

As we all know, the task of middle and long distance running training is to run as fast as possible within a certain distance, that is, to develop the maximum speed under a certain limit. Therefore, training methods and means should be considered around this purpose, so that the body constantly strikes its physiological limit, so as to achieve the purpose of improving performance.
For example, in practical teaching, the coach first let's the athlete run at a high speed to see how long the high speed distance is. When it drops significantly in a certain paragraph, it is the distance that the athlete keeps at the highest speed. The distance from is the athlete's distance." Barrier area" The aim at training is to break for and make progress. At the same time, a new obstacle area will be formed. If we want to further to improve our performance, we must break for again, break  for again and again in the cycle. Only by cycling can we improve our performance continuously.

Increasing running speed and increasing distance to maintain high speed will also put forward new requirements for athletes' various functions. When the absolute speed of athletes can not continue to improve, it must be improved and improved at any time.

Adjust the speed established by athletes and keep the athletes' highest speed.Track and field stopwatch

On the basis of this, new training methods and means should be adopted to abandon the potential ability of the human body, improve the running technology, and maximize the distance from  fast running. Only the athletes Track and field stopwatch that have been tempered by thousands of years can run freely in the competition, control the running speed and meet the needs of the competition.

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