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Sports injury little knowledge,timer supplier share

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     Issued in the country about strengthen the younster health, strengthen the relevant documents in the school sports work, "physical exercise is an effective way to improve students' health quality;To strengthen physical exercise, enhanced physique, to improve the comprehensive quality of students, training high quality talents, and improve the comprehensive national strength, has important strategic significance.But in the process of physical training, because the environment, site, equipment and their own physical and motor skills of students can cause different degree of sports injury,Be sure to use sports stopwatch.

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What is sports injury?

    Human movement science will be training injury in divided into two major categories of exercise-induced diseases and injuries.Motility disease and injury is different, it generally refers to because of the body of exercise stress factor does not adapt or improper training arrangement of dysfunction in the body related disease, syndrome or functional abnormalities. Sports injury is mainly refers to In your workouts without using Suffered due to motion of human body organs and tissues caused by dysfunction of the disease, including the bones, muscles, tendons, fascia, cartilage damage and related organization, often in fracture, injury, sprain and contusion, such as form, occurs in the body vertical axis of the sports injury is more serious.

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Why teenagers sports injury will happen?

1.Youth is not mature, lack ego to protect consciousness in the sports and inadequate recognization of the danger of injury;

2.Don't follow the principle of training, sports inadequate preparation before;Physical quality is poorer, luckMove the body coordination is bad;

3.Young athletes engaged in professional training time is generally shorter, experience is not rich,Training method error, technologyAs a flawed;

4.Teenagers are in body development phase, the weak endurance quality, poor ability to resist fatigue;

5.Teenagers body resistance is poor adults,And do not take the medical supervisionTargeted recovery after exercise activities;

6.Sports venues, equipment, and climate factors, etc.

All these reasons make teenagers in sports injury than adults.

All the luckDynamic project will inevitably cause teenagers sports injury, different sports in the sports injury mechanism and different properties, such as tennis more shoulder and elbow injury, knee injury of basketball and so on.

Warm prompt:Don't go away.Next we will gradually push some related contents of youth sports injuries, stay tuned.

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