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Chinese player Xie Guangsong ran out of 1 minute 59 seconds 71 success from sports stopwatch, ranked second in the top eight. Li Xinan and Li Longfei, the domestic players competing for the Top 8 positions

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Stopwatch record Racing parkour championship

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          Four Chinese players - Xie Guangsong, Li Yiqi, Li Longfei and Li Xing Nan, took part in a fantastic match with 20 international Parkour fans at the World Series of Parkour Speed Race Final in Karaoke Speed competition. After three rounds of racing, the "tough tough guy" from Ukraine Erik Musketshin stopwatch scored 1 minute 44 seconds 43 achievements coronation of the 999 level ladder on the speed of the king, the 2016 Santorini Parkour champion " Dutch trapeze "- Bart Van Der Linden ranked second, the Chinese player Xie Guangsong stopwatch show to 1 minute 56 seconds 09 results won the runner-up, which is currently the domestic runner in the world-class competition made the best results, is the first bit Top three. Dominic, the Australian runner who has always been bullish on the spectator and is likely to win the championship, unexpectedly dropped in spite of losing the title to the Champion, but fortunately he did not get in the way of falling from a height of 3 meters.
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         16 into the 8 war from the US Parkour genius - Calen Chan began, although Calen struggled to speed the first half of the track, but gradually tired, slowed down in the latter half; he said after the game that his experience is too small, If you come back next year, we can certainly achieve good results in racing. "Dutch trapeze" Bart in the campaign facing the long distance jump point at the bottom of the track a bold leap forward, successfully PK fall from Spain's Shifer, smooth 8. Chinese player Xie Guangsong ran out of 1 minute 59 seconds 71 success from, ranked second in the top eight. Li Xinan and Li Longfei, the domestic players competing for the Top 8 positions, faced with the strong pressure from overseas players and played exceptionally well. All of them entered the Top 8. In the second round, Li Yiqi failed to qualify for the mistakes in the line selection at the end of the track.

    The final round of racing championship in the Erik, Xie Guangsong, Bart, Alex, Brodie, Dominic, Li Xingnan and Li Longfei eight players, at this time the game has also entered a climax of the moment, Tianmen Tianzidao speed king is about to Between, this is the time people wait for a long time. The audience was sentimental, excited, looking forward and nervous as they saw the final three of the eight domestic finalists. Previously not show the dew of Australian Parkour red Brodie and Austrian Alex showed an extraordinary strength, their pace of light, the line clear; three domestic players also have a good performance, especially Xie Guangsong, LCD screen display he was 1 point 56 Second 09 refresh the personal best previous race results. The final Ukrainian fierce Erik and "Dutch trapeze" Bart respectively 1 minute 44 seconds 43 and 1 minute 53 seconds 21 achievements won the championship;  the second round was the most likely to be the most likely to become racing champion Australian flying fish Dominic was unable to complete the match due to injury; ranking by results, China Xie Guangsong won the third place.

         Tired of exhaustion after the game Xie Guangsong admitted: "Athletes in the course of accidental injury is the most do not want to see any one contest coach, but can not be 100% avoided .If Dominic is not accidental injury, I may not go into the top three But even in the fourth place, I am very satisfied. The opportunity is always reserved for those who have prepared, I have completed the challenge to myself. The Dutch Bart is humorously said: "I hope I can become stronger, so next year to continue to challenge the track."

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