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Smart watches that support 4G will become more and more popular, and the development environment of the 4G can watch industry will become more and more mature, and the scale of industry enterprises will continue to expand. Improve the overall strength of the industry.

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Prospect of 4G smart watch

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The source of the smart watch

Ever since, smart watches have been surrounded by questions, with smart watch wearing bracelets, especially smart watches, falling in heat and slowing growth. Why did this happen? First, the consumer consumption concept is more mature, more often people wear smart watch like wearing, the entire use of the scene is still not focused, the previous product in the scene mining is not deep, the overall consumption experience is not good. On the other hand, the smart wearable equipment industry is in the stage of upgrading and readjusting, and the industrial chain is facing integration. The smart wearable equipment brand is facing a new round of reshuffle. Secondly, the whole industry is from wearing 1.0 to wearable 2. 0 upgrade, wear 2.0 trend is a scenario, the future of smart wear 2.0 must be with a separate communication module, used separately from the phone.

In the past, could only be used as a kind of decoration and time viewing equipment. With the arrival of the age of 4 g, today's are already very intelligent. Smart watches have a lot of functions. They can measure your heartbeat and calculate your running time. You can your health and support 4G technology, so a lot of people are paying attention to 4G smart watches. Smart wearable devices have been rising quietly since then, and they have become popular all over the world. The products represented by , bracelets, glasses, clothing and so on have blown up the fashion of intelligent wear.

The progress of smart watches

The designed by RESEE can abandon the mobile phone in the smart watch scheme. While keeping Bluetooth function, it can plug in a single SIM/UIM card, and integrate 4G all-network communication and Internet access functions, so it can realize 4G call separately. And with apps that require networks or traffic, we can get rid of the "drag" of mobile phones and enjoy a more relaxed and enjoyable sports life with 4G capabilities.

4G smart watch

Now that you've dropped your phone, what about the important phone call, the text message? The smart watch supports 4G calls, and we can transfer calls to our phones to ensure that we don't miss an important phone while we're moving, a feature that's important for people who exercise, especially for big screen mobile phone users.

4G smart watch solves the problem that Bluetooth transmission is unstable and transmission distance is limited. Through a single 4G network, many applications can be realized by using mobile phone, and the synchronous contact person and map navigation can be supported in We Chat chat / app. Online music, call transfer, We Chat sharing and other applications.

The 4G smart watch is designed for outdoor sports, supports walking, cycling, running, indoor running, mountaineering and swimming, and has IP68 waterproofing advantage data, which can be easily faced in floating swimming, rain shower, splash and other environments. The recorded sports data can be shared through 4GWIFI to the circle of friends and friends to share the fun of sports.

Science and technology of intelligent watches

Every detail of the smart watch is carefully designed for a 1. 39-inch AMOLED screen with 400m resolution, scratch resistant, zircon i a glass crown, glass fiber with material rear shell, strength and beauty, and band support for user independent replacement. Built-in 2600mAh lithium polymer battery, normal service life of up to 48 hours.

In design, it not only supports Facebook chat, but also voice control, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminders and other applicable functions; supports OTA online upgrade; dial UI replaceable, and so on, many people humanized, beautiful, healthy design, create a comprehensive sports monitoring system, health care.

4G smart watch

Smart watch is a very lively concept in recent years, and is favored by many investors. With the participation of domestic investors and the increasing popularity of 4G among the three major operators, smart watches that support 4G will become more and more popular, and the development environment of the 4G can industry will become more and more mature, and the scale of industry enterprises will continue to expand. Improve the overall strength of the industry.

With the development of Internet of things and smart products, the demand for 4G smart watch in China still has a very big growth space. With the promotion of domestic consumption level, the capacity of international 4G smart watch market will maintain a stable growth trend in the future.

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