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People's requirements for watches are getting higher and higher. World watch is reciprocated between this shore and the other side, and its special functions have been interpreted more and more interesting.

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woman watches of the world

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As the number of high-spending female customers increases, more and more are designed for the female market, and are no longer limited to the inherent modes of quartz and gemstones. Compared with men favorite watches that can be played, women are more practical and easy to operate. They can also accept tour moon phases or three questions, and even chronographs. These functions, which were originally found on male models, can be found almost on the men watch this year. And due to advances in technology, the petite size of the can not only accommodate the movement of complex performance, but also can achieve the light shape and weight that meet the requirements of women. Of course, if you can add some favorite diamonds and precious metals, naturally More complete.

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As one of the earliest brands to design and produce the world time, Philippe has many classic works in the development of time zone. This is the world's first female world timepiece. The chocolate-colored dial and 62 diamonds on the bezel are very attractive. Together with the world time function, it is more attractive for career-oriented and social activists who travel around the world. The white gold case is 36 mm in diameter, and the small dial area engraves the world's 24 time zone representative cities. It is very clear to read. With 24 points on the case and a 24-hour day and night time ring in the middle of the dial, you can easily read the time in 24 different time zones, including the local time.

In the early years, functions such as “World Time” and “Time between the Two Places” were only the areas covered by a few watch brands resee. However, with the advancement of technology, people's requirements are getting higher and higher. World watch is reciprocated between this shore and the other side, and its special functions have been interpreted more and more interesting.

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Although world time is inextricably linked with people's lives, it is of little influence to most people even if they are not familiar with the time difference between different places. But if you are a business person who needs to accurately master different time zones, or a romantic person who likes to swim in different places, World Time watches have a reason to be your intimate personal belongings. It is also in line with the increasing popularity of cross-border travel. Under the impetus of market demand, World Time are being researched and developed by more and more brands in the form of exclusive patents.


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