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It can be seen that many consumers are in increasing demand for health management, but at present most sports bracelet programs can only provide simple fitness Data and fitness guidelines that don't take into account the real needs of consumers

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RESEE smart bracelet gives you different experience

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When it comes to smart bracelets, one of the first things you might think of is a brand of smart bracelet that shows movement, heart rate, sleep, and some algorithms to analyze users' health. At present, most of the electronic in the market are also based on motion recording, but it is the single function that makes the market share of the once eroded by multiple function smart watches and other products. After a period of reflection and precipitation in the whole market, there are some more intelligent watches that stand out again. The smart bracelet that we started with this time is one of the products that have broken through the technology bottle diameter. As we evaluate the pace, understand the unique features.

RESEE bracelet

Clearer RESEE Intelligent bracelet location

Recent survey by someone showed that consumers were very concerned about their health and the effects of diet, exercise and the environment on their quality of life. 65 percent of respondents said they were looking for a healthier lifestyle. And more than 40 percent of respondents said they exercised regularly. More and more people are becoming regular gymnasium guests, and they are also keen to participate in sports. All kinds of sports are also springing up, and the number of users is rising. It can be seen that many consumers are in increasing demand for health management, but at present most sports bracelet programs can only provide simple fitness Data and fitness guidelines that don't take into account the real needs of consumers. The purpose of the smart band set for themselves is to help people lose weight and control weight by automatically monitoring their calorie intake. Drinking water and other key health parameters are fed back to users to help them adjust their eating habits.

When we got this RESEE smart bracelet, we were curious about its main selling points, automatic calorie intake tracking, automatic drinking management and real-time monitoring of stress levels. It seems to be similar to the traditional, but it has a different name. RESEE smart bracelet has the characteristics of data recording, sharing, target setting and other personalized settings, which can be used to track the main health parameters of the user. This makes it more like a fitness management assistant than a simple recorder.

RESEE smart bracelet

The RESEE smart bracelet has a pure black look and a streamlined screen with a strong industrial science flavor. No wonder Russia's current tough president Vladimir Putin is also interested in trying it on himself. In consideration of longer use time, the reset smart bracelet is not always bright, and can be repeated to read time, battery life, heart rate, calorie balance, step number and so on by clicking the button of the smart bracelet when you need to read the data in order to read time, battery life, heart rate, calorie balance, etc. Even so, because the RESEE smart bracelet needs to be monitored for more projects, its built-in battery can only support about two days of continuous operation. The good thing is that it takes only an hour to charge, and it doesn't affect continuity. Use

Data acquisition method of RESEE Intelligent bracelet

Unlike traditional smart bracelets, the race measures calorie intake by reading glucose in skin cells. The data is obtained through three sensors, of which the data is monitored several times per minute through the impedance sensor.

The RESEE smart bracelet measures the body's "glucose curve" and "heart rate curve" throughout the day. After eating, insulin triggers the cells to ingest glucose and release water. Smart bracelets measure these changes by sending high and low frequency signals running through the body's tissues to determine cell fluid concentrations and to measure calorie intake through these changes in cell glucose concentrations.

smart bracelet

The data recorded and tracked by smart hand-owned ring sensors can be safely transmitted via low-power Bluetooth technology to users' smart phones and portable devices where users can view personal health data on the APP user interface on iPhone and Android devices. In app stores such as app Store and Google Play, users can easily download multilingual versions of app. The interface of the whole APP is simple and easy to understand, and users who have used can easily use it. And what's available in the APP is to give users exercise, diet, and psychology based on the data. Reasonable advice can even help you control your personal emotions and stress, rather than a simple list of data and charts. In addition, Reese smart bracelet also has waterproof features, suitable for swimming (except salt water), shower and bath and other daily life settings, can be said to be a round-the-clock company of health partners.

Hardware interaction upgrade of RESEE Intelligent bracelet

In addition to hardware and design improvements, hand bands have been upgraded in health panels, software, services, etc. A new health panel for has been released that allows users to put their personal data, daily calorie intake, calorie burning, energy balance, water balance, stress level, emotional state, heart rate. Sleep quality, running distance and walking steps are shared with trusted nutrition experts or fitness coaches. The latest smart bracelet upgrade software can more accurately calculate the calorie intake of users at different times of day and provide more personalized features, including weight Management, fitness goal setting and prediction of body shape changes after the user achieves the weight loss goal

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