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Sports stopwatches manufacturer,Longping side sports stopwatch on the physical education class, Stopwatch wholesale he said. Is to continue to take the sports stopwatch to contribute to Hunan tennis.

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Happy sports teacher holiday with stopwatch

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In 1988, Longping, who graduated from Huaihua Teachers College, gave up the chance to go to high school and went to Hengyang City to become one of the most basic physical education teachers at Calvin Experimental Primary School. In 1992, the school founded a tennis team, and he began to learn tennis from scratch. Become a "half way home" tennis coach.

Longping side sports stopwatch on the physical education class, while the selection of tennis team Miao, do well. Huang Ziyi, who won the 2017 Wimbledon Tennis Open Championship in the 14-year-old group, found out when he arranged for his children to skip rope in PE class.

As a tennis coach for nearly 30 years, Mr. Longping is either on the tennis court or on her way to the tennis court with sports stopwatch in her hand. Every year, after the Spring Festival, New Year's Eve and the first two days of the first day of rest, at the beginning of the second day, one after another, some students called to practice. Longping happily took the key to open the door for the students, and then accompanied them to practice together.
Happy sports teacher holiday with stopwatch
From 1988 to now, long Ping changed from a handsome young man to a whine with white hair. At that time, the tennis practice site was still the "slag Sanhe soil." now tennis is developing well. The district government and the school have attached importance to it. The school alone has four standard sites, and it is an imported plastic field of the same grade as the master tournament.

Mr. long looked at the sports stopwatch and said, "my disciples are doing well, and their fame is getting bigger and bigger." Longping's initial heart and pursuit remained unchanged. "We are the most junior coaches. There is no particular idea," he said. Is to continue to take the sports stopwatch to contribute to Hunan tennis, find more seedlings, good training them. "

Yu Qingji Youth Group Changsha Men's Basketball sports stopwatch Coach

Yu Qingji every group of friends about the school team, will add "do not forget the original ideals and aspirations, to forge ahead" these eight words.

On September 10 th Teachers' Day, Yu Qingji, who took Changsha Men's Basketball team to the Youth Basketball match, was busy directing the match. The team's squad came mainly from the Changsha No. 1 Middle School Men's Basketball team. Successful victory, the players came to the next step and said to Yu Qingji: "Happy holiday, teacher."

"my idea and my first thought is simple, is to carry the basketball to the end." There are 12 regular PE classes per week, endless lecture plans and repeated lessons-class disbanding. Every day after school men's basketball training, with the team over and over again for running tactics, matting, the next training with sports stopwatch home after 9 pm. The member thought fluctuates, the condition undulates these questions to all have to manage in the Qingji. Sometimes on duty, he and the boys in the track and field "about a wave of morning exercise."

"whistling, sports stopwatch, gold throat and throat treasure", there are many in the pocket; "Tactical board, teaching plan book, notebook computer", every day by Yu Qingji put into the big backpack. Four years, from the first teaching assistant to the present "coach," Yu Qingji devoted almost all his time to the 20 lads of the team.

In August, he and his team worked together to win the National Middle School Basketball Championship in Changsha. The handsome boy who was at the court turned into a champion instructor who was on the verge of danger.
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"coaching is a responsibility" of the Li coach

On the afternoon of September 10, Hengyang team and Yueyang team met in the young men's volleyball match of the provincial sports association. The Hengyang team, who was fighting at home, regretted the defeat, and Li Yongqian was unable to hide his disappointment. "after all, there is too much pressure at home to fight at home," Li Yongqian said.

Hengyang volleyball team to Hengyang eight for the squad, this time in the home game, Hengyang team started early preparation, the goal is locked in the gold medal. At the end of the provincial sports meeting and watching the training stage of the sports stopwatch group, the players train twice a day for about seven hours, with at least 200 spikes per day for each player.

Li also spent his day in training stopwatch and competitions because of the teachers' day and the provincial sports association.

As a PE teacher, such days are too common. Li Yongqian said: "physical education teachers are like this, usually have classes, weekends, winter and summer holidays to hold sports stopwatch to train, generally that is, the New year can take five days off." Li Yongqian's wife, who is also a teacher, has given the most support to his work, even though their rest hours are not in line with each other.

Li Yongqian, a native of Shaoyang, started playing volleyball in junior high school. The college entrance examination entered the volleyball team of Hunan University of Science and Technology on the basis of volleyball. After graduating in 2005, he came to Hengyang No. 8 Middle School to become a grassroots physical education teacher and coach of the school volleyball team. I've been doing it for 13 years. Leading the provincial champion and even the national champion is his goal.

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