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This Metal case stopwatch is a full metal shell, reliable quality, visible hardness touch the texture, with calendar time two groups of fixed, countdown and other functions, metal shell stopwatch timing accuracy can be accurate to 0.001 seconds, Metal case stopwatch with intelligent power saving settings.

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Metal stopwatch and variety of three rows of stopwatches

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Many colleges and universities now have physical fitness tests, including a run that runs a certain distance within a certain period of time and seems to be counted in credit calculations. So what we see more on the playground is the referee whistling with. When it comes to running stopwatches, for professional athletes, it's the difference between a champion and a runner-up. The world at the Olympics is a tiny unit of time, two or even three digits after seconds. How significant is the difference in data per second for athletes.

Buy stopwatch for PE teacher

When he graduated from college, he had a fellow sports major and bought him 60 memory stopwatch as a graduation present. But in addition to giving it to our sports partners, we can actually use these for our own exercise measurements. The small, portable allows us to train more intensively. Get accurate data to make our training more targeted, do not miss any progress, visible progress, perhaps the next time the sports championship, recorded the data is your!

sports stopwatch

60 memory Metal  stopwatch

Strong metal stopwatch

This Metal is a full metal case, reliable quality, visible hardness touch the texture, with calendar time two groups of fixed, countdown and other functions, metal timing accuracy can be accurate to 0.001 seconds, Metal stopwatch with intelligent power saving settings, environmental protection fashion! It has waterproof function, not only daily life waterproof, but also can be waterproof to 50 meters of ip68, suitable for measuring time in swimming competition, memory device capacity can record 100 data in each group, two groups. Can store data back to look at the record, easy to give power Metal!

Metal stopwatch

Metal stopwatch

Metal gray silver metal shell looks very textured, has the characteristics of anti-scratch, wear-resistant and anti-fall, in addition to time, calendar and timing noise also has the function of temperature measurement, can measure the temperature at that time, so that the movement more targeted! The metal has a normal accuracy of 0.01 seconds. The key is that it has powerful memory and storage functions, can customize three rows of digital display, can be dispersed and overlapped to measure the time of different endpoints, and it also has basic functions such as waterproof and shockproof. Comfortable grip, accurate timing!

Method of using stopwatch

Screen resolution is very high, clear view, timing data at a glance, there are 60 channels of memory, records of data in the clear after the data also have a strong re-reading function, flexible keys, feel very good, sports field convenient processing of data! It is timed using the pendulum's isochronous control over the rotation of the pointer. On the front of it is a

60 memory stopwatch

0.001s sports stopwatch

When using Metal stopwatch note

When using the, you should pay attention to: tighten the clockwork before use, but not too tight, so as not to damage the clockwork; check the before use, mainly to see if there is a problem with the keys and whether the recording time is accurate. In use, press the button with the thumb knuckles or with the second finger joint of the index finger, and hold theagainst your chest without pressing the button in any arm swing. Do not press the meter too hard to prevent damage to the machine; return the meter, if the second hand does not point to zero, should note its value is 0, after the test will be subtracted from the measured value; press the button with the correct angle and appropriate force.

Do not press the button at the edge or diagonal angle to avoid blocking or damaging the button. Do not run the around your neck or in your pocket after the clock is turned on, preventing the button from colliding with your body during the run, resulting in an unexpected stop or opening. Special care should be taken to prevent the Metal stopwatch from breaking. When not in use, the watch must be placed in the center of the cooperation after completion of use.

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