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Because many electronic watches are unable to connect to services such as Google Play or Apple Music and do not have their own mobile app store, the music watch, known as music watch, can't be connected to the phone via WiFi to transmit music.

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Smart music watch with Men's watches

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The fantasy has smartwatch that can play music. This electronics watch shows a large, bright, circular screen, which can be viewed. With GPS, in view? Oh! Waterproof swimming, heart rate, blood pressure are available. The latest fitness watch looks just like all functions. But when I see it, I'm not even sure it will exist in the form I see.

The musical watch has a sharp round shape and promises to combine mobile phone connections with fully independent features. It also features Wi-Fi, which can check email, according to people who have used it, and the musical can even play music on mobile phones.

The form in which music watches are played

But music playback is limited to MP3, via USB or Wi-Fi via computer loading. Because many are unable to connect to services such as Google Play or Apple Music and do not have their own mobile app store, the music watch, known as music watch, can't be connected to the phone via WiFi to transmit music. According to others, our goal is eventually to switch to streaming music services: perhaps some music service providers have not yet opened up this feature, and our electronic watch supports it in advance. There are also a lot of music programs that can't stand it, that is, Make the MP3 functionality also ineffective during the presentation.

music watch

music watch with fitness

1.The function of playing music watch

So what exactly can it do? In a short video presentation, most of its functions don't work. This is a concept, not a fully functional device. The interface looks promising: other brands like dial-up touch controls, as well as shortcuts for weather, fitness and music, and some beautiful dial. The musical watch promises a broad list of features: news, weather, music playback, heart rate GPS tracking, swimming tracking, a touch smart button interface that already works with many connected devices via wireless WiFi.

But there are already too many smartwatches, and the music watch will face an impossible challenge between, 's upcoming Android Wear makeover and the Samsung Gear watch. Although it has a musical concept that can be used in future, it is not a big brand. Perhaps even with Android. When I asked suppliers about these possibilities, it did not seem to be the case. This music watch is not currently built on Android Wear, it is not suitable for running most applications, but it is connected to Connected to the iOS and Android devices, the musical watch also has two days of battery life.

It's wiser to buy  watch by knowing these little things.

Men's watches symbolize a man's identity. Choosing a suitable watch can reflect a man's self-cultivation. Today, let's learn how to choose man's watch.

The symbol of watch

As the most commonly used status symbol for men, men can not only understand a person's taste, and even a person's level of consumption and attitude to work, choose watches must be careful. Wrist watch is mainly divided into: mechanical, In China, most people prefer to buy mechanical watches, which are not only convenient, but also do not need to change batteries frequently. Unlike quartz, the batteries will be replaced at short intervals, which may affect the waterproofing effect, but the mechanical need more attention to maintenance.

Men's watches

Men's watches

Notice the kinetic energy of the wrist. At present, environmental protection is stressed, and the main function of the is light energy. Any light on good can produce kinetic energy. A good can last for a few months in two hours under the sun, and the mechanism will be slightly slower to fill. Therefore, if the  has kinetic energy, must see the length of the charge, the quality of the movement.

Now focus on quality, good can withstand the wind and rain, not only waterproof, windproof, but also resistant to the impact of the magnetic field, better watches, with more functions, air pressure, altitude, temperature, these are more practical functions in life, find direction and temperature can even help you in the sudden. Avoid injuries in changing weather.

electronics watches

Men's watches

The choice to buy watch

Try not to choose stainless steel. This kind of is not wear-resistant, if you wear it, you will have scratches on the dial, which will affect beauty, titanium alloy, sapphire, is a better choice. You can choose to buy watch from abroad, it is not easy to scratch, you can't see how old it is to wear it for a few years. But be sure to see if the is waterproof, wash your hands if your life is waterproof, but if you swim, too much pressure can affect the accuracy.

Pay attention to the appearance of wrists. Everyone must pay attention to the appearance of the. A good-looking can brighten the eyes of others. So, what kind of style do you choose? generally, the are black, silver, brown, and these colors are more stable. Reflect the men's stability, of course, bright colors can let others notice you, so choose according to their own taste and style, whether domestic or foreign watches, are the way we choose.

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