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Through stopwatch processing to improve power, quickly change the passive situation of rough handling, do not pay attention to the training input of workers, and produce low power. Starting stopwatch for energy is a matter of urgency.

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Work is important, but stopwatch management is more important

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First, exercise energy and stopwatch

In recent years, the wording of sports and fitness has often appeared in various domestic media, and has even been mentioned in government work reports. The energy of the job represents the meticulous and persistent pursuit of product quality, exaggerating that it is time to create permanent. The domestic production operation has initiated quality and energy, promoted the promotion of products, gradually separated from the situation of fierce competition at low value-added levels, and struggled for livelihood. This is undoubtedly a good direction for development and is conducive to the disconnection of “made in China” as a low-end image of cheap goods.


However, according to the stage of development and the actual situation of China's manufacturing operations, in addition to paying attention to sports energy, stopwatch processing can not be ignored, the so-called  management began in the industrial era of the early 20th century, its representative is the father of scientific handling, Taylor, using Record and analyze operations to improve the manual production of iron, loading and unloading of minerals, etc. Its follower, Gilbreth, known as the father of action research, has made great achievements in the improvement of power in the field of construction, and even increased the bricklaying operations spread from ancient to early ages from 120 bricks per brick to 350 bricks, nearly 200% improvement. . The forerunners of the Scientific Management School initiated the power revolution in the industrial era. Afterwards, Ford further turned power innovation to a climax and set up an assembly line for automobiles, which almost increased the installation speed by 8 times. Eventually, there was a large-scale vehicle leaving the production line every 10 seconds every working day.


Although the American auto industry has now completed its production line, stopwatch management has achieved adequate results.In the early 1950s, Toyota Eiji and Ohno Naiyi investigated the U.S. automotive industry and found that although their auto industry has been operating for more than 50 years and has completed large-scale production and production, it still exists in the production process. Severe dross. To this end, Japanese auto companies promoted various production techniques and further promoted the implementation of, achieving a major breakthrough: not only drastically reduced inventory at the production stage, but also the transformation and adjustment of all of their large and medium-sized equipment can be done in 10 minutes. In the end, the time from planning to production of the product was shortened from 12 weeks to 4 hours, which improved the ability of the product to respond to the needs of the shopping mall and led Japanese auto companies to dominate the US market once.

Second, stopwatch priority, overall sports energy

 Sports energy is the ultimate pursuit of quality; handling is the ultimate pursuit of power. Although there has always been quality, quality is the life of the enterprise, but according to the current level of development of our country's manufacturing operations, we believe that when the quality of products reaches a certain standard, we must pay more attention to power. In 1993, the center put forward the principle of "priority for power and overall fairness". Applying this argument, we propose that "the stopwatch should be given priority and the exercise energy must be coordinated."

Third, social and technological development reasons

The labor cost of our country’s society has gradually increased. Compared with countries such as Southeast Asia and Africa, there are no advantages. Many companies at home and abroad have moved their factories to the value of the labor force. In addition, the era of mobile Internet has now come. The era of the Internet of Things is now imminent. The use of robots has enabled the establishment of a black light factory and an unmanned factory. The application of the current era was once considered to be a crusher, a worker as a machine, and a lack of humanity. However, no one factory has no such disadvantage, but the production cost is lower and the production power is higher. In the past, the post-production work will be further improved. Return to developed countries. The country’s manufacturing operations will be sacred on all fronts. The cost of the labor force will be low and the impact of our country will rise. There will be threats from unmanned factories. Therefore, China’s manufacturing operations urgently need transformation and promotion. The transition to promotion is not only the use of sports energy to improve quality, but more importantly, through stopwatch processing to improve power, quickly change the passive situation of rough handling, do not pay attention to the training input of workers, and produce low power. Starting for energy is a matter of urgency.

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