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The line is in the form of the stopwatch." There are three lines of numbers on the screen of the race stopwatch. We are usually called " three row stopwatch," so how can we make it easier to see the stopwatch ? In fact.

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Switch machine stopwatch reading

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Everyone using during physical exercise will be mistaken by the excessive numbers on this screen! Especially the that displays a few lines of numbers on the screen , the dazzling look, I tell you that the depends on how many lines he has. "The line is in the form of the." There are three lines of numbers on the screen of the race. We are usually called " three row stopwatch", so how can we make it easier to see? In fact, you can call the number of according to the number of lines displayed on the screen . It is simple enough. Just like the sports shown below , it is a three-row sports in three rows.

How do you see some numbers on the stopwatch screen? 

The electronic belongs to the electronic sports and fitness equipment. This is a very hot mini sports stopwatch chronograph . In our physical education class, we often see the physical education teacher take it to record the performance of the students' running exercises. The basis of the sports test results, the is also one of the indispensable equip men ts for sports coaches. When we participate in track and field activities, only the referee coach level can often use them. They are of course easy to read and understand the screen in the. data friends, but for infrequent users would not be able to use this, especially novice coach, for them is forced to use, because the is one one of their tools, they often think, how to read a few lines of numbers on it?

How can stopwatch

According to my cognition, I will discuss how to read the numbers in this screen. You also know how to read the, and how to look at the numbers above. We need to look at the two small numbers in the upper left corner of the. The 30 -stop can simultaneously record the running results of 30 remote mobilizers at the same time, while the shows only 3 lines of numbers. It is impossible to display 30 lines at the same time . If 30 lines are displayed , the will not change very long. Yet? The three-line number displayed by the only displays the time difference between the running of the two athletes reaching the end point on the number of the time being recorded. The time difference is the first line and the second line, and the third line is the time being recorded. Bigger, this third line is the time for the athlete to record the time, and this time is not stopped by pressing the pause button, because we are using a 30 - stop watch , such as 20 colleagues running, we are at the end of their run Usually press the left button to get the grade time. We find that the big row number will not stop, but the second row will jump out of a small number. We will see this and it will be correct . This is the recording the time difference of the athlete running. That is, the time to reach the end of the gap, multi-channel stopwatch is generally like this.

How to read stopwatch

What do you think of running stopwatch results? 

What happens when we press the record and it doesn't always show how many seconds the athlete ran? Tell you! It is necessary to press the timer function to stop and look again, in order to see the time recorded by the, our is the top middle button can be flipped, the novice needs to authenticate a few times, not right, but also look at their own understanding The savvy ability can understand the knowledge of the. If you don't understand it, you can't understand it. When you really pick up the and press the buttons, you will learn. The trick is to use the small number in the upper left. For example, the small number 1 on the upper left represents the first one to reach the end point, and the upper left shows 2 , which indicates the running time of the athletes who scored the second time at the end, and the upper left shows 3 , indicating the third time to the end. The running time of the athlete's score; and so on, when you look at it, you mean that you are a good coach who often uses.

How to read the time recorded by the stopwatch 

When we recorded the athlete's competition results with, we found that the number was stunned. How do you read this? Tell you! Read time based on the results of this can also be caused by everyday life, we often encounter in their daily lives they say some sort of a few seconds, which is nothing more than hours, minutes, seconds, but the has this precision on the There is often a string of time numbers in the LCD screen of the. How do we distinguish it? We usually know by time, minute, second, and distinction, and the will mark us with a small punctuation mark; in the screen of the electronic stopwatch, the hour unit has a colon of two points ( :) Mark, the unit of the minute is marked with a small('), the unit of the second is the small two (") to mark, and the next few digits are smaller than the second, we are all Read it as time unit of milliseconds → microseconds → nanoseconds → picoseconds.

How to read stopwatch

How many seconds does the show up here ? That depends on your hand precision, we accuracy is generally hundredths of a second, will be able to explain stopwatch accuracy, but the milliseconds generally do not read out, we often attend to seconds on the line, for example, 5.08 seconds instead of 5.08 milliseconds because 08 not to one thousandth, which is conventional in the readings .

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