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Sports stopwatch wholesale, In sports, you use RESEE stopwatch to plan well and train step by step, The following fitness stopwatch items should be recorded in the diary every day running.

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Running fitness attention stopwatch

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Anyone who participates in fitness running should pay attention to sticking to regular and gradual progress, especially paying attention to controlling the amount of exercise. In addition, it is especially important to learn to use the sports stopwatch “self-control”.
Because sometimes the desire to run suddenly disappears, it is necessary to distinguish between "can't run" or "don't want to run." Of course, if you are sick, you should never run, but in other cases you should overcome the "inertia" and insist on holding.
In the early stage of exercise, the speed of running is limited to the purchase of with no uncomfortable feeling. The distance of running is not difficult. There may be muscle pain in the lower extremities after running. This is a normal reaction. This phenomenon will disappear after a few days of exercise.

In order to determine the level of your own exercise level, you can take some tests after three to four months of running exercise. The distance measured by the  in 12 minutes is the starting point of the calculation level.

sports stopwatch

RESEE sports stopwatch

In the 30-39 age group, the distance of the in 12 minutes is less than 1.5-1.8 km, indicating that the exercise level is poor; if it can reach 1.8-2.6 km, the exercise level is good; if it can exceed 2.6 Kilometers, that is, to achieve excellent exercise levels.
For those in the 40-47 age group, the distance between the 12-minute exercise group is less than 1.6 km per 12 minutes; the good one is 1.7-2.4 km; the excellent one is 2.5 km or more.
Poor, good and excellent people over the age of 50 are running within 1.5 km, 1.6-2.4 km and 2.5 km, respectively, in the 12 minutes of the.
Don't be tempted to achieve the desired results in the short term. Only exercising with will improve your level of exercise. If you only run once a week, there is not much benefit from running longer. Because in the six days of interrupted running, body tissue has consumed the benefits of running.

Therefore, run no less than three times a week. People who usually lack exercise, once determined to start regular exercise, often exercise excessively, which will lead to adverse consequences. In sports, you should use stopwatch to plan well and train step by step. The following items should be recorded in the diary every day:

RESEE sports stopwatch

RESEE stopwatch

Items following should be in the use of sports stopwatch record every day:

  1. The nature, content, duration of the exercise and the time spent on each exercise;
  2. Self-perception before, during and after exercise;
  3. Appetite and sleep conditions;
  4. Whether there is a desire to continue to participate in exercise;
  5. pulse beat situation.

According to the above records, it is not difficult to analyze the amount of exercise and make necessary adjustments to the exercise in time. Generally speaking, according to the timing of the, the pulse beat should not exceed 120 beats/min after 5 minutes of running, and the pulse beat should not exceed 100 beats/min after 10 minutes of running. If the pulse rate is too fast, the amount of exercise must be reduced.

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