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smart bracelet was only tailored to the Sports Crowd, then the smart bracelet now has more scope of use.

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Should you buy smart bracelet now?

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Some smart bracelets have also been added.NFC function

With the constant attention of today's consumer groups to the concept of healthy living, many people begin to focus on Wearable devices, hoping that they can provide some "standard parameters" for their lives ". Among them, the smart bracelet has won the attention of consumers with relatively low price and relatively complete functions. However, from a functional point of view, the current smart bracelet is still mainly based on motion parameter detection, so should we buy a smart bracelet now?

In fact, the smart bracelet originated from overseas. After the domestic manufacturers learned the concept of this wearable product, it is inevitable that all kinds of smart bracelet products will appear on the market, and the market competition is fierce at that time. However, from the development level at that time, the function of the smart bracelet is quite limited. For those early adopters, such smart products may be far from what they think. In such a state, the hustle and bustle of the smart bracelet market gradually dispersed, leaving only some big companies to research and develop the smart bracelet.
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From today's point of view, smart bracelet has made some progress. Although in terms of battery life, there is still no way to get rid of the limitation of lithium batteries at present, some manufacturers have also optimized some functions, and the battery life can basically be maintained for more than a week.

In function, the early intelligent bracelet has sports data monitoring, sleep quality monitoring, information prompt, alarm clock reminder, etc.

Function. On this basis, today's smart bracelet has also upgraded the monitoring project, including24Hourly heart rate monitoring function, etc. After connecting with the mobile phone, the information received will also be displayed in the hand ring, which seems more convenient than before. Not only that,

Some smart bracelets have also been added.NFC function, in some scenarios, can replace the role of the Bus card. When you pass the subway, you can pass it directly with a bracelet. It's cool to think about it.
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The biggest change in the development of smart bracelet for many years is that it began to expand to different consumer groups. For example, the heart rate and blood pressure measurement function for the elderly, the Bluetooth headset function for white-collar business people, for children's GPSPosit ioning and security functions. If the smart bracelet was only tailored to the Sports Crowd, then the smart bracelet now has more scope of use.

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