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The purpose of taking the picture book is likely to be peer sports stopwatch manufacturers

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Stopwatch Manufacture RESEE 2019 summer season Show Summary Report

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sports stopwatch Basic information of the exhibition

This exhibition is the first 37 session of the China International Sporting Goods Show

Held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition organizers called the 60 countries of the 1480 Entrepreneur of the 15 million people to the meeting, exhibition area of over 180,000 square meters , of which the State Sports General Administration departments, units directly under the leadership of provincial and municipal sports bureau to observe the body 200 Kuomintang Expo; six major categories and more than 50 special events were held during the same period; 20 central and local media in Beijing and 16 local Shanghai media reported on the event. More than 60 media groups carried out propaganda through the Three Networks platform.

This year's sports expo ushered in the physical education reform of a single sports association for the first time, and professional visiting groups also became the most dazzling VIP of the sports expo.

sports stopwatch

A total of faction issued by the exhibition company information 286 Ben , stopwatch 253 Ge samples , self-issued cards over 300 pieces, collected

86 business cards and 24 major customer mailboxes .

Exhibition situation

1.   The customer information collected this time has achieved the expected results in this exhibition. However, because some of the novices in the exhibition were rushed and lacked experience, the promotion was not very active , which made the collection of information limited.

2. Promotions promotion is not enough , the decor is relatively simple , while Taiwan and around , South Korean companies relatively lack of new ideas , the images, and Mao, sports , on lacking. Great efforts should be made in the future.

 sports stopwatch

3. Communication with customers is not professional enough and detailed. The customer needs should be recorded in the form of a form , looking for demand points , and appropriately leaving the customer with as much information as possible for return visits. The division of labor is not clear enough , and the scene is chaotic.

Personal summary

The company acquired the exhibition is an important platform for customer information , to maintain existing customers, develop new customers are very effective platform, but also enhance the corporate image , increase the best way to value-added products. So what should the salesman do to make the exhibition better?

sports stopwatch

1. Be professional

We want to leave a deep and professional impression on our customers . Only professional can make our customers assured. Let customers buy sports stopwatch with peace of mind and make real money. There is a saying well, since there is common interest , only sincere cooperation can be achieved.

sports stopwatch

Communicate points of interest to customers during the conversation.

2. smiling

Treat customers with a smile and enthusiasm. Their products with confidence, in the eyes of customers can be a good employee . Companies a set is trustworthy.

3. Understand the information

Get as much information about your peers as possible at the show . Gather your peers through the show. Compared with digging deeper into the market space of their own products, the development space of enterprises. And market potential. Compare with competitors whether there is price superiority , quality advantage , service advantage. Adjust the plan through comparison.

sports stopwatch35

4. Find out the prospective buyer

Exhibitors should consciously find target buyers, not necessary for customers who just leave the album

For in-depth communication , it is not even necessary to distribute information. The purpose of taking the picture book is likely to be peer sports stopwatch manufacturers. true

Positive buyers and potential buyers must be focused on , and they can understand each others business scope , current demand, etc.

Face to distinguish.

5. Other

Customer information and business cards have been put on the books.

RESEE stopwatch manufacture

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